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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by erdnase97, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. So. I came with this a while back. I'm not trying to fool you, but would be nice to fool some magicians who are new to this kind of moves. It uses no gaff cards, so it's fun to do :)
  2. It certainly looks okay....
  3. That makes me want to purchase Mechanic by Daniel Madison...he he
  4. I hope that is a satirical statement.
  5. Thanks..
    Qlancy, I assume that you are a serious card man, could you be more spesific?
  6. Hey, that's not bad, but can I be perfectly honest?

    Those deck taps in between shuffles? I have never, ever seen them in the hands of anyone but magicians. Gamblers don't do that. Dealers don't do that. Every single time I see it, it's a magician doing it.

    It's fine if you just want to perform. If you want to bill what you do as a gambling demo though, it'd look much cleaner and legit without them. Do without that square-up off the table as well.

    That last shuffle was a bit too studied and too high for my taste.

    As for Madison, I think it's best to just skip his stuff in favor of Jason England, Steve Forte, Richard Turner and the people they suggest and credit. You'll have way more than enough to keep you busy.
  7. Not bad mate :)
  8. Oh, sorry for responding a bit late. This isn't something anyone would use at the card table. I practice gambling moves of all kinds, and if I'd move in a game, it would be done by overhand shuffle, gamblers cop and a bottom deal. Deck taps and squaring up are just things that I do when I don't really care on how the cards are shuffled. But I squared the deck up here like this so anyone can be assured there isn't a step or anything. I don't even use riffle shuffling except it is needed for my routines. I use overhand shuffles and that's about it. :)
  9. So when you say that this is an original idea, surely you don't mean original to your own mind?

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