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  1. Is it Monday already?? Well...
  2. I don't think so, Howie Mandel is a comic and he seems to love the comedians. I could see a magician really love the magic acts. If it was a Derren Brown, Penn Jillette, Franz Harary, or Kieth Barry type magician I think it could be a very positive thing. There are magicians that are more toxic, but I won't name them here. They might be less beneficial but it could still be a good thing.
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  3. What he said. If the individual was someone who hasn't lost their love of watching magic, it could be great. They could provide a perspective that comes from knowing what the person on stage is doing and why it's good or bad.
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  4. Well, a magician judge would be great to be honest. He/she/whatever would actually know what makes a performance great (which is very necessary, since Shin has raised the bar oh-so-high. In fact, that is what people SHOULD be sad about, that performing ambitious card on AGT won't get them anywhere now XD XD XD).

    As long as of course the judge in question doesn't behave like a kid and try to belittle the one performing.

    But then, imo, there should be a giant GRAND talent show which has an entire panel of judges from almost all performable and permitted art forms (98% at least) of today so that every performance is judged by both, its entertainment quotient AND the pure artisticness of the performance.

    (Is there already a show like that? If not, and any TV operators or future-show-creators are reading this, feel free to use this idea but credit me :D XD XD XD)
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  5. With this in mind don't forget that Neil Patrick Harris was a guest judge on AGT back in the day when Piff the Magic Dragon was on it, and he actually gave him the golden buzzer.
    I'm sure that NPH knows how the signed card to sealed can is done but didn't ruin it just appreciated it
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  6. I agree with the others. I don't see how a magician as judge would hurt, quite the opposite. As Penn and Teller have proved on their show, magicians can make make very good points about what's good about the presentation and how it can be improved.
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