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  1. Hey guys, I am looking for any and all good sources for watching magicians in live performance. I have no interest in learning effects, I am much more interested in watching how each magician approaches their magic. I am really hoping and looking for things such as Penn and Teller Fool Us, large compilations of talented magicians performing. However I have also had some success on the live performance section of the media section here on theory11, and DVD's such as Kard Klub and Art of Magic are perfect. Any and all sources are welcome, although obviously it'd be nice if it was free or online. Bonus points if the magician performs a triumph or color changing deck routine.

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    I think the most obvious choice is youtube. There are tons of life performances, even from the old giants of the past (Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon, Arturo de Ascanio, Fred Kaps, Derek Dingle, Tommy Wonder, Ken Krenzel, Slydini, Cardini, Larry Jennings., Michael Skinner... ) and giants who are (still) alive (Juan Tamariz, Harry Lorayne, Bob White, Eugene Burger, Bob Sheets, Jeff McBride, Lance Burton and hundreds of others ).
    Watching all of them will take some time ;).
    Just avoid the awful youtube kids self promotions ;)

    My favorite is the b&w Cardini Act.
    Although I´m not a huge fan of pure manipulation acts, this amazes me every time I watch it.
  3. Your last point is the very reason I didn't mention youtube. I know there are TONS of good live performance footage on there, but for every ounce of that there is another ton of either crap, or just presentations for DVD's or for cameras. I am looking to watch magicians at work or competitions, not self promos or anything of that nature. Regardless, thank you for the suggestion; do you have any advice on sorting through all of the mess? Particularly good search strings or channels?
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    I generally avoid any video names that sound too blown out of proportion. "GREATESTT MAGICIAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD". However, I've found that just searching around the internet for random magic videos can have some unexpected surprises.

    Tom Mullica's Cigarette Routine

    Tony Slydini Paper over Head

    Jason Latimer's Laser Magic

    Lennart Green's Close Up Show

    Ricky Jay's Cups and Balls from his show "Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants"

    That's just a few specific selections. I'm also a fan of Penn and Teller's performances, I like the feel of their show.

    EDIT: Labels added on request.
  5. Those are some good selections, though labels would be nice, Pav.

    Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants is my favorite magic show, I think. It's in pieces on YouTube (Pav linked to the ending of it with that last one).

    I think searching for a particular magician with "live performance" tacked onto the end will be your best bet for random browsing.

    In general if I want to see a good live performance and I've watched Ricky Jay recently, I'll look for Penn & Teller, Eric Mead, Jason Latimer, Yann Frisch, Juan Tamariz ... I'm blanking on one name who's really good. He's european. Did a whole show where he made all the props out of card board .. Had an odd name. Can't think of it.

    Bebel has some good work though usually the recording quality is crap. I also just really like his name.

    Paul Daniels. Berglas.

    I know there's a lot more but I have issues with remembering names so I'll just leave it there.
  6. Thanks a lot Pav! I've never seen the first two links before, great performances.
  7. Look up Houston Magic and the HAOM. It has a list of Ring and Assembly meetings as well as where the local guys are working in town.

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