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    Hey guys, I normally don't post threads about "the newest product", but this new product I'm going to talk about was actually put together buy my close and personal friend, Steve Reynolds.
    It is actually a book titled Route 52 and a DVD called Seek 52, and both are on pre-order right now at Vanishing Inc.
    Trust me guys, I have personally seen the man himself perform all the tricks that are in this collection and they are top notch. The thinking behind the tricks is just as impressive as the effects themselves.

    Check out these two links.

    Route 52:

    Seek 52:

  2. I was privileged enough to be able to meet Steve over the summer, and let me tell you--there is no B.S. here. The guy knows his stuff. He is an amazing thinker and it shows in his magic.

    If my word means anything (and who knows these days?) it worth it to everyone interested in card magic to check these out.
  3. Does anyone happen to have any links to footage of this guy performing or performances of any of the effects. The book and dvd seem to be a good deal, but I prefer to see a little about this guys work before I order anything.
  4. Yes I do!

    His official website:

    If you click on VIDEOS, you will be able to see videos of Shadow Zone Assembly, A Trist on Twost, Paced Flash Transpo, and a trailer for Seek 52.

    This is a video of Mike Powers performing Steve Reynold's Ace XXXXX Aces:

    Thank you!

  5. Haha, I like you say thank you after providing someone else with information. Thank YOU very much, quite helpful.

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