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  1. I have been thinking about getting the Street Magic Set for some time now, and I just wanted to get some thoughts before I dropped my money (about 120 bucks) on this.

    It comes with the following:
    * Hummer Card by Jon Jensen
    * Floating Bill by Jon Jensen
    * Self Levitation DVD
    * Invisible Deck (Blue, Bicycle)
    * Watch Bandit by Kevin King
    * Bubble Gum Magic - Vol. 1 & 2 by James Coats and Nicholas Byrd
    * 101 Tricks with a Thumb Tip by Royal Magic
    * Thumb Tip Classic by Vernet
    * Treasures - Vol. 1,2 & 3 by Alexander De Cova
    * Complete set of Street Magic Magazine (5 issues)

    I am mainly interested in Bubble Gum Magic 1 and 2, Treasures Vol 1-3 and the complete set of Street Magic Magazines. The thumb tip stuff is a bonus and I wouldn't mind having another invisible deck. The rest I don't really care about and I have done the math, if I buy those things separate, it would still end up costing me more. But I haven't really heard anything about Treasures, so I wanted to get all of your thoughts on it.

  2. I did street/walk around all summer with:

    *the Invisible Deck
    *Sponge balls
    *a good ACR
    *the linking rings every so often
    *and a few others

    You can drop the $120 on those tricks if you want, but I think you could do a good street set without any of those.
  3. If you are asking if we think that is a good set for the money, my opinion is no. I can do street magic with a deck of cards ($3.00), rubber bands, ($1.00) and a few other effects I purchased from a brick and mortar shop for a total of about $50.

    I guess the thing to ask yourself is, how much of the material are you ACTUALLY going to use. Not watch it once on the DVD and then it sits on the shelf.

    $120 will buy you plenty of effects individually from a shop to use for street magic.

    This is just my two cents though...ha ha. I've been down the road of buying every single thing I could get my hands on and I have now realized thousands of dollars later that I keep going back to the same working effects over and over and none of them were very expensive at all. makes me cringe. Glad the wife doesn't know...ha ha.
  4. The "Treasures" DVD looks solid but it doesn't look like street magic. It looks like parlor magic and stuff that should be done on a table top. If your a beginner though, the street magic set looks like a great place to start and learn some really good magic.
  5. I should clarify... I don't care that it is Street Magic. Though at the same time, the tips on street magic would be welcome. I am more of looking for some good solid effects, and I am hoping that this might have some that I would add to my chest of things to do.

    I am not a beginner, more of an intermediate worker. I hope that clears up some of the questions that might be asked...
  6. "Street magic" does not exist as a kind/type of magic..

    you could pull out a sub trunk and do Metamorphosis on the "street" and that would be street magic
  7. Agreed, I am just more interested in what is in the set and if it is worth my cash, or if I should just let it go.
  8. So what? You could pull out a cello in a rock concert and it would still be rock.

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