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  1. Nice.
    A good way to practice approaching people although not quite Mentalism, also Street mentalism does look a bit different.
    All in all cheers for going out and actually performing!

  2. I can't help but ask why someone would stack the odds against themselves let alone "lower" the craft as a whole, by presenting "Mentalism" under said auspices?

    If you want to do street magic, then do street magic but STOP HURTING MENTALISM and for that matter, stop doing really poor Bizarre Magick by approaching either, as you would when doing conventional magic. Mentalism & Bizarre both are very theatrically involved outcroppings of traditional stage magic; both rely on some level of belief investment from the audience, and both require YOU, as the performer, to have a rooted and pronounced sense of identity -- character. With stage magic we can put on all kinds of hats and play a myriad of characters, not so when it comes to Mentalism & Bizarre. So PLEASE forget what you see David Lame and Criss the 40 year old goth child do on TV and start working at being Original and more importantly, true to the art form you are trying to claim.

    If Bizarre appeals to you then learn about Bizarre Magic -- visit the Shadow Network group, ICBM and DragonSkull (if it's back up) or even Black Artifacts (Kieth Blackhart) so you can have your fingers on the pulse of what things actually are in that world. You would be doing yourselves a huge favor by investing in everything by or about Tony Andruzzi, Docc Shiels, Jim Magus, even Docc Hilford and Eugene Burger though they are the "milder" end of things. The works of Larry Baukin and Ed Solomon are likewise "priceless" tools to have in your arsenal, not just because of the effects but because of what they will teach you about presentation, staging, scripting, etc.

    When it comes to Mentalism if it was written after 1998, set it on a shelf for now and take a long look at the stuff written prior to that, the works of Robert Nelson, Burling Hull, Larsen Senior, Doctor Q and Dr. A (not a pun, that was their names). Pay attention to what Koran, Richard Webster and others who pre-date the launch of our present trend (summer 1996) so you can see what Mentalism was and how it was presented, where it came from, etc. See for yourselves what the newer publications have omitted so you can contemplate "why?" not to mention, see how it has lessened your ability to deliver a Mentalism based "experience" in place of what typically comes off as being a "neat trick" in the minds of folks.

    HINT: If you want that big ego boost most of us chase when it comes to how "powerful' an effect is, wait until you incorporate the older way of doing this stuff and see how easily you can build your church.

    I offer a full chapter about Mentalism set on the Side-walk in my Psychic Technologies material. It can be done and there is a right & wrong way of doing it. . . that is, if you want to make money at it while likewise generating the kind of regional reputation that will generate even more working opportunities.

    It's something to think about.
  3. In this rare moment, I am compelled to agree with Browning's tone as well as his message.

    One of my worst fears in magic is that Bizarre and Mentalism will soon be flooded with flashy, vapid performances of Cybil cuts on tarot cards.

    Please learn a better way. Look into the names that he mentioned. There is a lot of great material to learn from those names. Do learn as much as you can about mentalism performance. The creation of atmosphere and character deserves serious study. It really separates a good mentalism show from a mind reading trick shoved between the lady cut in half and the linking rings. Or maybe in modern terms, between the ACR and the coin in the Pepsi can.

    The performance was kind of confusing. It was called mind reading but appeared to work in the opposite direction at times. Also, YouTube offers some kind of image stabilization technology for their uploads now. It's sitting around somewhere inside of

    Positive comments: Thanks for being the focus on your own video. I am glad that the whole thing was not drowned out with terrible music. You certainly did appear very composed while performing, even glad to be there. Effectively, the parts of it that were you were the best parts.

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