Suggestions for the marketplace admins!

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by obrienmagic, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Hello T11 admins! First of all thank you so much for making using the marketplace THE EASIEST experience for creators in the market today! I have a couple of suggestions to help out our fellow community creators in the market.

    1. Bring back the monthly reviews for the top product uploads of the week. Will get some of the newer creators into the limelight a bit!

    2. Can we switch out the featured effects carousel at the top of the page maybe once a month or so? It has literally been the same 4 featured effects since about 2016 haha

    3. Any way we can try to host some kind of marketplace contest everyso often for creators to try to come up with some fun and creative content and maybe win some kind of prize or something? Think it would be fun to make the marketplace forum more active .

    I will be doing my best to feature a couple effects a month here that I think are great for the community (aside from my own of course lol) because I feel like the next generation of creators are literally right here on the marketplace and deserve to be given a bit of a boost. Thoughts?

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