Superior Psyche By Kevin Parker

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    Hi Guys,

    Kevin sent me this document in the hope that it would further my knowledge in the mentalism world. It certainly has, and made mentalism a lot easier for me to get me head round and to get into.

    Mixed Signals
    This was the trick that assured me of Kevin’s sure fire effects. Basically, the magician asks a spectator to whisper any 3 numbers in your ear while their friend stands afar off, and you jot it down. You then ask the spectator to forget those 3 numbers and put any other 3 numbers into his phone. You then show this to his friend, who tells you the first three numbers. When the phone is turned back around to show the owner of the phone, the numbers haven’t changed, but the spectator somehow saw the first numbers.

    This might sound a bit complicated, but when performed this is simple and easy to understand. When I first performed this, I really didn’t believe in it. I thought that I would be caught out, or that it just wouldn’t hit hard. I was wrong. This is amazing, easy, and requires nothing but a mobile phone, a piece of paper, and a pen.

    Thought of card to spectators pocket

    Although Kevin told me not to attempt the next two tricks without perfecting them as they are word sensitive, I have tried this one, and got really close. It was in front of my girlfriend, and she honestly freaked.

    The effect is as follows: you show a card to the spectator and ask them to put it in their pocket. You then ask them to imagine a different card and when they check they’re pocket, it has changed into the thought of card.

    As I haven’t perfected this yet, I won’t perform it, but this is fantastic. Again, it is something very simple once you’ve learnt it, and once I’ve got it of by heart I will use this in my set list.

    Remote Viewing with a Photo

    This reminds me of a Derren Brown trick. You look at a picture, and tell the spectator that it is a place but nothing more, and the spectator manages to tell you what the picture is.

    I haven’t tried this out yet, but when I was reading the script I actually visualised the place that was being described, which proved to me the power and simplicity of this effect.

    It is definitely a reputation maker when you have learnt the script.

    Over all, I’d say that this is a very good buy considering it is so cheap.

    The link is

    I hope you liked the review and that everyone, not just mentalists get this to help them in their career.

  2. I use Thought of Card to pocket in EVERY performance I do, whether it be paid, or just showing off at a bar or social gathering.
    It is AMAZING.

    If you don't hit Simon i'd check out the Macmillan Switch taught on this sites 1-on-1 section, as I used it as an out once before.

  3. This PFD is incredible for the price. The mental force is a thing of beauty, high recommendations.
  4. Anyone else have this?

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