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  1. Hey I'm new to the whole restaurant table hopping magic in terms of what to expect from managers and such. I have been performing magic for awhile now, so I'm not a newbie to presentation/magic effects, but my main question is what is a reasonable compensation for performing for a couple of hours or so, or what do table hopping magicians usually charge on average. I don't want to kill the interview by charging too much, but I also don't want to charge too little for performing magic. Again, I'm new to the whole restaurant gig (since I've been performing mainly for parties and on the street) and any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Great question. I don't know.

    How much are you worth?

    Where do you live, and are there other magicians already working in the area?

    Is this a one time deal, once a month, or five nights a week?

    This will help with letting you know how much. I can't generalize it because I've yet to work a restaurant, but I've been talking to a few people about it and these are the questions that keep coming up.

  3. Thanks for the start! It's probably going to be throughout the week. You think working off of tips would be a good idea, or maybe asking for minimum wage as well as tips for a couple of hours?
  4. Definitely not minimum wage.... a cool little tip I have used to get a feel for how much they are willing to pay me is to allow them to ask me... so how much do you charge... then I ask.. how much are you willing to pay.... this of course depends on your personality to not come across as snob but it's worked for me... the place you are working at, where you live with respect to which state.... there are a lot of factors that you can only overcome by just going and getting the interview.

  5. Great advice, yeah I didn't really think I should go for minimum wage. I've been reading things online about restaurant magic and people have been saying a good thing to do is to have an hourly wage, occasionally accept tips, but to never solicit for tips. Also, some people have been saying that they get $50/hour - $75/hour. Is this only common for high up professionals?
  6. Yeah I've heard about that, really considering to get it soon.
  7. Christopher Lyle from the Magic Cafe has a great post there, about how he gets his restuarant jobs. Basically, he can walk into any restaurant in the city, and walk out with a job. He's good. Look it up, if you can.

    P.S. one great way is to offer to do one night free, as a demo. Make sure you get people laughing and enjoying themselves, and make sure the manager can hear! If all goes well, he should be asking you how much you want. Don't go for too much, it's your first job. $50-75 and hour is a great price for a first job, later on you can charge more.

    Whatever you do, don't offer to work for tips on your demo night. That will make him think you can just work for tips, and you won't get paid much.

    Good luck!

  8. Thanks for all of the advice and input, and I will definitely be looking into Christopher Lyle. So $50-$75/hour is a reasonable price, even for working throughout the week? Don't get me wrong, I'm going to get everything down and ready instead of jumping right into this, I just want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly and reasonably.
  9. Also, if the manager asks over email how much I charge, should I give them a number over email or ask them to meet in person first? I find meeting in person would be better, as I don't want to scare them off with too high of a price over email, but I'm not quite sure.
  10. Definitely ask to meet in person. You want to show him that you're worth the money and you can't really do that through email. :]
  11. Exactly what I was thinking, thanks!

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