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  1. I am 16 years old and my school is holding a talent show. My friend and I will be entering it and we don't know exactly what to perform. The talent show is in april sometime, we like card magic, spongeball magic, and most of the hard-hitting material. But we are really just looking for something fun to perform and also fun for the audience of maybe 250 people or something to watch. But i'm also looking for something else to do thats so shocking, and so immense that everyone will just watch with their mouths wide open and their eyes popping out of their head! HaHaHa. I want to know what tricks we should do. The show will be about 5-10 minutes long at max. We hope to start learning our routine soon so we can easily have it ready for the show in april. Please respond with any feedback you my have. Thanks!
  2. I personally don't do stage magic, but here's what i can say:

    You should try looking for tricks and illusions done by Andrew Mayne. Bisection, Shrinker, Touching Sky are only some of them. A good number of his illusions are shock effects, and you can call that fun, right?

    Hope this helped, Good Luck!
  3. I'm performing in my school Talent Show on January 23rd, and my theme for the act is shock. I'm performing Saw to start off, and then moving on to The Razor Blade Illusion taught in Bizzaro's Helter Shelter. You should check those out.

    Anthony Bass
  4. On the same topic, how about card magic on stage? Let's say for a talent show. Would it be a good idea to do tricks that involve the classic "pick a card" or having an audience member come up, or would it be better to do things that don't require that (dream of aces, tivo 2.0, etc)? I was contemplating entering our talent show or doing a Wednesday chapel of card magic, but I'm not sure what I'd do.

    Summary: I'm only into card magic, not stage magic, good idea to do that on stage?

    p.s. obviously, there would be a camera man and a projector so everyone could see. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks. But i think we are looking for a show that is simple and right-to-the-point. We really dont want effects that require audience interaction.
  6. Why not? Audience interaction makes your act so much better.

    Anthony Bass
  7. Rope magic. Perhaps a "Do as I do" rope routine?? Professors nightmare? Cut and restored rope? Rope through neck/body? A rope escape? Need I name more??

    Spend $20 on 100ft of rope, and pick up a dvd on some simple stuff. Daryl has some good rope dvds available. Packs small and plays big and can involve lots of audience participation!

  8. I performed a strait-jacket escape at my school talent show last semester, I also combined it with a card effect where I produced a chosen card from my mouth after I escaped from the jacket. Thats really the only stage magic type magic I've performed. So maybe look into doing some kind of escape.

  9. Get Bisection for 20$ at mjm magic...Your upperbody disapears.

    And an appearing cane or 8 foot oak for 30$ also at mjmmagic.com

    Some of my favorites.
  10. Including your audience is a key principle.
  11. We do want to include our audience, however in an effort to save time, we dont really want to call someone up. We'd much rather perform effects that make it seem like audience interaction if you get my drift. In other words, we dont want to call someone up, but we would like to maybe do a mentalism effect that involves everybody thinking the same thing.
  12. Oh nd BTW: We will be posting a video of our practice routiens shortly so you can correct us and tell us what exactly we could change and/or add.
  13. Good luck getting everyone to think of the same thing.
  14. That was just an example. It would be awesome if we could do that though!
  15. My school had a Christmas talent show that went extremely well for me, tied in first place. =] I performed a cloth levitation (Bill Abbott's "The Thing"), then went onto an Anniversary Waltz (projected), but what everybody remembers is the one trick that took me less than 20 seconds to execute. I made the face of a Queen of Hearts blank, and the Queen of Hearts ended up under a judge's chair at the back of the room right before I walked off stage. Everybody's head turned.

    So just dropping a suggestion, it worked great for me if you can't come up with anything else. ;)
  16. Two words.

    Chop Cup.

    This will give you some insperation..... Click Me!

    Cheers, Tom

    Ps. I really want to learn this.
  17. I Think the idea of the card under the seat is a great one. We miay even be able to tweak that to possibly ask someone to think of a card, and the thought card is under their seat. I also love the chop cup routine!
  18. I suggest the substitution trunk illusion, aka metamorphosis. a stage trick that isnt very diffucult to perform, but needs lots of practice and good showmanship and timing.

    good luck
  19. O_O


    I too live in Jersey and have a telent show in I think April.... what town are you from?:eek:


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