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  1. do you need to have alot fo expierence with regular loops to use Tarantula II?
  2. Loop experience is nearly 100% unrelated to the Tarantula. Loops = Invisible ELASTIC Thread. Tarantula does not use IET. There is a small amount of crossover knowledge that would be helpful, but all in all knowing how to use Loops doesn't really affect your ability to use the Tarantula 2.

    // L
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  3. The biggest thing, which I believe is the case with all IT work, is learning the limits of the IT. Expect to get frustrated if you're not experienced with it.
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  4. This might seem dumb, but I have little experience with ITRs... Do you need the hat to perform effects like in the promotional video??
  5. No
  6. Even when you're making an object float infront on you, and your hands are to the side??
  7. Yes, he just wore that just because
  8. Awesome! Gonna probably buy it then.
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    Final question (sorry!), does [edited by moderator]?
  10. Edited, starting to get into spoiler territory.

    To answer your question (which nobody else knows at this point) in some setups it does, in some setups it does not. That happens in ONE of the methods.

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  11. Thank you! Sorry about that :/
  12. Personally having owned several ITRs if you've never owned one before, the best part of something like this is - most reels come with zero teaching. So part of the expense is the video instruction.

    I did a review for tarantula 2 here:

  13. How fragile is the device ?
  14. Il motorino che fornisce tarantula due,dove si deve tenere? In una parte del tuo corpo?
  15. Spoilers!

    No, really. That would be revealing a bit too much of the method. Not happening in the forums, sorry!

    // L
  16. So I purchased the original tarantula but had to return it for skin tone reasons. will I likely have the same issue with this product.
  17. Likely so. From the initial appearance, the Tarantula 2.0 looks identical to the original. The only differences are mechanical, not cosmetic. I hope that helps!

    // L
  18. Yes this helps immensely. Unfortunate for me but better to find out now before I buy it. Thank you!
  19. I’ve owned the T1...

    My advice would be to buy a spool of thread first and play w IT before investing in T2

    Spools cust next to nothing and give you an endless amount of thread to practice with

    Learn about it, break it, stretch it, hang various things from it...etc etc

    THEN get a reel
  20. I’ve read some reviews about it breaking easily are these correct?

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