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  1. This is a very simple routine that I created (I believe)

    You show the spectators your phone, and it has low battery. You tell your spectators to keep an eye on the battery percentage. A magical wave and the batter "magically" increases to full power. The phone can be inspected, and spectators will be mind blown.
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  2. I can do that in reverse.
  3. It's not a bad idea.

    A 'screenshot' of our phone with low battery in your photo gallery is what you first show them?
    I think 50% of people would guess this as the method. I know 90% of the people I work with everyday would.
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  4. I can probably do that too.
  5. Thanks for the support, I was thinking of using screenshots,etc.
  6. Do you know a different way I can achieve this effect?
  7. That was a joke. Sorry.
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  8. If you can come up with a way to animate it it would be cool! make it super visual. The one major issue is that people are aware of video edits so that may be a challenge.
  9. Sounds cool! Do you mind if I use the basic plot and see what I can come up with?
  10. Definitely!
  11. Thanks! Maybe I can create an app that is disguised as a phone. :O
  12. I was thinking of calling it "The Energy Devil" or "The Devils Charge".
  13. Can you also send a link to the plot of the trick?
  14. Thanks! I personally have never ran across anything similar. If I work anything out, I'll PM you! (though it may be a while, I'm really busy with school right now :))
  15. There is something similar to this. It is called "iTime Rewind" by Beau Cremer.
  16. Interesting. Thanks for the link Parkin.
    Any progress Cynx and Maaz???
  17. I have an idea, but haven't had enough time to try it out . Thanks for reminding me about it though lol
  18. Alan Rorrison may be someone to chat with about this. Also, bit more of a long shot, but Will Jones.
  19. I thing you used the fake battery percentage app
  20. I guess you can achieve it in a simpler way. Record the home screen for a few hours so that the percentage of your battery drops quite a bit. Reverse the video and play it on 2x speed and voila! You can now visually increase your battery percentage.

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