"That wasn't my card."

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  1. Today i was showing a girl card tricks before we got on the bus. I did swiss made and subway, and both times she said "that wasnt my card."
    but afterwards after the crowd had died down, she told me that it really was, and that i had 'made her day' with my cards.
    has anyone experienced that before? someone saying that it isnt their card, but after everyone leaves, they tell you that it really was?... i guess its just a form of heckling, but it made me mad.
  2. Why on earth would someone do that? When someone say that it wasnt there card, someone in the audience would say their lying. Or, if not, I ask them what there card "really" was, they tell me, I quickly find it on the off beat and do a shapeshift.

    That works for me.

    Cheers, Tom
  3. thats just not right...

    its a shame that people are so insecure about themselves that they would put someone down just to get ahead. i have had that happen to me i will riffle force a card and then at the end of the trick they will say its not there card. ufortunate but yes people have the nerve to do it.

    best of luck
    cerca trova

  4. thats why you have the audienece see the card as well
  5. "that wasnt my card"

    then you say
    "ok, think of your card, keep saying it over and over in your head"
    (you hold her head, move closer)
    "keep saying your card over and over, hmm its a red card...."
    move closer...
    "its a high card..."
    then BAM
    kiss her and say "dont lie to me hun"

    and walk away

    itll leave them speechless, and best yet, they will be amazingly attracted to you

    (this is speaking for myself, ive done this about 6 times, hasent failed lol)
  6. Haha, yer, if you show the card to the whole audience, then that one person couldn't of just said it wasn't the card if theres a whole audience saying that it was....Get what I mean?
  7. I show the audience the card as well, especially while I do something sneaky I would say: "Make sure you show your card to everyone"... now if that does not work I do the Al Capone jackslap... that never fails.
  8. Well my friend... Welcome to the world of flourishing...
  9. Haha I like that too bad I don't have the guts to do that. But who knows maybe one day I'll be crazy enough to do it.

    I get that a lot usually from people who know me, mainly friends, I think they just don't want to be fooled, I guess and that's why, but I can always tell they are lieing when you ask what their card was they have to pause. It really bothers me, but I can tell that I didn'e do a good jobe though, if they weren't amazed enough to tell that it's their card from the reactions.
  10. Happens to me a lot.

    Usually, when they do that, the rest of the audience (which has also looked at the card) usually yells at them for trying to make me look bad.

    If it's one on one, and I know it's their card, I just put my cards up and walk away.

    Walk away from all hecklers. If you're with an audience, then they usually yell at the heckler for ruining it for everyone.

    Hope that helps!

  11. easy solution

    I am not aware of this effect or method but an easy solution I have found to a pick a card find a card routine is have them sign the card. They can't deny it...well they could but then they just look incredibly foolish.
  12. That's happened to me more times than I can count. Most of the time it's people I know who say "that wasn't my card," so it's really easy to tell that they're lying. Showing it to other people around there is always good though, because that person is less likely to lie about their card if other people have seen it.
  13. Haha i like that.... could get you slapped, but its still a good idea
  14. another good way to throw them off is, "oh this isn't your card? that's odd because i could've sworn this was your fingerprint on the back..."
  15. Hahah, never thought of the "that wasn't my card" response as a lead in to an ambitious card routine. Cool.
  16. I've had the exact opposite of this problem happen before. I'll be doing a trick where I mess up on purpose, and they'll say "Yes, it was my card" when I know that it really isn't. It really annoys me.
  17. thast actually a good idea a ambitious card routine were the signed card keeps changing
  18. That girls has issues......
  19. Dude, if she's cute, who cares? haha, just kidding. But yeah, people have done something along the lines of that to me too....just kinda bugs me. Well best thing to do is just next time have a friend watch with the person or something just to make sure he/she isn't lying.
  20. Your spectator has a Heckler Complex.

    Also i have a neat way to save face if this happens.
    Once she says that wasn't her card, reply by saying "Of Course It's NOT your card, or I'd be on tv right now instead of here doing card tricks"

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