The amount or tricks one should know?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Cushing0, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hi im Craig 24 NE england, Im new on board been doing card magic for 2 years although for the past year I have been trying to up the anti.

    Just a question I was thinking about all the tricks I knew and the ones I use very often say for example if someone says show me something I will show them 3 different card magic effects a transpo impossible location or a simple card to pocket effect.

    my question is how many routines/ tricks should reslistically know(off the top of your head) as a cardician.

  2. I'd say you only need one solid routine consisting of about 4 tricks(depending on the routine). It also wouldn't hurt to know a few hard-hitting single tricks when you don't have time for a full routine.
  3. Hehehe how long is a peice of string?

    You can theoretically cope with about AWESOME tricks. BUt we all learn tonnes and only really use the ones we favour most and appeal most to us PERsonally. I think there is no target and i dont think their should be. By sticking with just 5 you will undoubtably get good at those five but then you will not explore and see what else can be done. Whereas if you go over the top you may get wrapped up in learning "the latest thing" so both are needed to learn. Lol soz i aint got a magic number.

    Well actually...:p

  4. the reason I ask this and thanks for the replys is there this same guy on the train every morning who aks me 'show me something' which I do but am running out of material lol although just the slightest thing amzes him this has been going on for about a few months now and all I am saying to him now is am creating the next big thing so watch out.

    lol whast the one quick but biggest effect that evertyone should have in the armour to use if asked the above.
  5. OK well if some dude was doing that to me i would do a mind reading effect. I know it is not card magic but i would use a thumb writer and totally feck with his mind. that would silence him.

  6. Hey man, hows it going? I'm in the NE as well!


    Anyhow, I think that you're asking difficult questions. The fact is, some people can go through their whole career knowing ionly a handful of effects. Others (like me) like to lear n as much material as is humanly possible, haha.

    And the one unmissable effect thing... work on a really good ambitious card routine would be my opinion. Apart from that, it's down to you to tailor an effect until it's at that point.

    Drop me a line if you need any help, buddy!

  7. How about performing the same 4 or 5 effects but with different presentations?
  8. i reccomend learning angle zero, that never fails to get incredible reactions
  9. Honestly, number of tricks, as long as it is not on the extremely large side, in my opinion isn't all that important - it's more how well you can do it; as long as the ones you perform are all up to scratch, or at least ones that you're working on, it's not really a problem. Some are happy with just a handful, but some people can and do learn many and perform all of them - nothing wrong with that either.

  10. yeah its great already mastered that one trying to work me way through the dvd although am ok an flourishing catch is causing me some bother interms of well catching the sandwich when I throw the deck over it doest land streight on and the 3 cards get trapped
  11. Experiment with the size of the gap between the 3 cards and the deck... Also try just throwing the deck normally without anything else, making it flip once and land normally... That helped me do it perfectly when I couldn't do it before - even though I don't perform it...
  12. yeah I wouldn’t normally perform this type of effect as its more of a flourish trick but still would like to get it down to increase my repertoire :cool::D

    thanks for the advice why didn’t I join this place earlier? knew about it for ages but didn’t realise there was a forum part.
  13. no worries man hope it helps :) -and I don't perform it for the same reason xD

    Anyway, to get back on topic, I had another thought too which is kinda a continuation of my earlier on topic post - Lee Asher's advice on Dangerous for beginners to start off by doing three tricks really well - do them better than anyone else, and you're all set.

    Firstly wanted to just cite that advice, and secondly mention that my earlier post were thoughts directed at those who have been in magic for at least a while - not beginners. Lee's advice is great for beginners.
  14. yeah thats it a mean i can do I would say 8 tricks perfect off the top of my head although I find some of them a bit lame now and want to learn more stuff to keep my mind ticking over.

    Lee's advice is one I will take heed of and concentrate on the tricks I think will get the best reactions I persoanlly like the two signed card transpo from dangerous.
  15. lapse performed nicely gets killer rections. do it slow and calm or people get supicous.

    with catch just don't overdo it.

    learn the time machine, biddle trick, three card monte, i still uses these and they are right up their with lapse

  16. Biddle trick down to a 'T' done
    time machine lead ace? do a variation of that If am along the same lines.

    Lapse am currentley getting the moves down the bottom swicth is ok but have smoothness issues, am getting there, three card monte a classic.

    I do this effect as a story eg how someone on the street can hustle you then I do the david stone variation taught on his revelation dvd its a classic effect.

    great reactions

  17. Hey Cushing, hows it going man!

    You should check out Greg Wilson's Three card monte routine, it's amazing, and has alot of magic popping around th routine!

    I have a really slick bottom switch on the go right now, if I ever see you at the magicbox I'll show you what it looks like!

  18. hellow!

    excellent aye be worth a look as I speak am trying to slide the top card of the double under the deck while still maintaining a natural hold on the remaining card.

    sounds easy but........ its a pain in the ass to get it smooth without flashing
  19. I don't know what type of bottom change your working with now, But mine's a switch of one card for the bottom card of the deck, rather than stealing a card from a double.

    It's basically an application of Raley's 'Strange change' which was published in Josh Jay's 'Talk about Tricks' column in Magic Magazine.

    It's super swish tho'.

    In further reference to the Monte subject, I must say, I'm a huge fan of Monte routines. My favourites are Greg's routine (with the Paul Harris 'Double Monte' finale), The underground collective's 'Misdirection Monte', and Bob Farmers 'Monte Monster'.

    All of these really have more to do with startling magical moments rather than the pseudo-gambling element.

  20. Hey Chr!s,

    Hope you don't mind me hitting the original question here - feel free to post past it. I just really think this is an excellant question, not addressed fully.

    How many tricks should you know?

    How long is a good movie? Long enough to develop the characters, a plot and have a strong ending...if it is worth it's weight.

    That being said - over 10 years, I have learnt many - perform some - mastered few.

    I have heard stories of guys in the magic castle going up to a big pro - and saying...I know 50 tricks...and then big name says...really - I know 3...and I do them better than anyone. Meanwhile, this guy turns out to be a legend in magic - I just can't recall who it was, but the story serves the purpose.

    In my career I read many tricks, play with them to see their weaknesses, strengths, to learn and stimulate my brain and hands - then either ditch it, keep it as a toy or sometimes - try to perfect it.

    Anyhow - the number is not as important as what the effect does for you in building plot, character, etc....however, I personally believe it is nice to have your choice of multiple effects...more tools at your disposal - hopefully this posts provides you with SOME direction on how to do that.

    Back to your regularly scheduled program....

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