the best 4 ace trick ever

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  1. hey guys i have been working on a brilliant 4 ace gambling demonstration since the past one and a half years. but when i submitted the video, it wasn't accepted due to poor sound.

    let me know in the comments if anyone of you is interested in learning the secret.
  2. I have to be honest, I had to mute your video. The music overpowers your voice and the combination of the music and you talking under it, is distracting. Once muting it, it was difficult to determine what you were actually doing. Prior to muting it, I was able to pick out some of what you were saying however and I'm assuming you were cutting to or dealing 4 aces.
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  3. Meh
    It just seems like you are doing all the shuffles and controls you know for no apparent reason. After the first 1 or 2, maybe even 3 shuffles, the spectators will loose interest, and even get suspicious. It's honestly not that good of a trick in it's current state.

    You need to shuffle the cards less, or Mix them up a different way. Then start a very long patter when you put the cards in the spectators hands. Have them deal it. And don't show the 4 aces at the beginning. And save the reveal from the end.

    Honestly, this is far from the best trick. Not even close. In it's current state, it's not even that good...

    Keep working on it! Make it perfect how you want it to be! Remember: spectators don't care about all the sleights and controls or anything. They won't be impressed by them. A couple shuffles will be enough to convince them the cards are thoroughly lost.
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  4. I agree, honestly it just looks like ace stacking using faros, there's no plot or consistency in structure or routine... Just to add, I got a couple ace routines I'm planning to submit in the near future, one of the routines is an ace cutting gambling demo with a Hofzinser ace problem kicker, I call it The Hofzinser Ace Demo... is this something you might be interested in?? just trying to get feedback on a couple of things I'm planning on doing...
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  5. I've said it before, I'll say it again - If you're going to label a video as "the best" anything, it better be pretty freakin' amazing.

    I suspect that you have added all the extras shuffles and cuts for one of two reasons. Either A) you were worried that without them it would be too obvious, or B) you really wanted to use all those moves because you've put the work into them. Possibly C) Both.

    The problem is that you have traded an obvious presentation for a boring one.

    I couldn't listen to the sound either, so I watched it muted. The music is overpowering and distinctly not something I enjoy listening to (To each their own).

    As others have said, I strongly suggest you streamline the presentation. If the audience doesn't believe you've shuffled the deck after 2 or 3 shuffles or cuts, they will never believe it.
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