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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Furrukh, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. This year's contest is conspicuous, to say the least. A bit dystopian, even. I wonder why the top prizes were given out all of a sudden...

    I don't believe it's a conspiracy theory or anything, but it's mysterious. Such is the goings-on of a magic site.
  2. 10, 000 elite points (elite membership) yesterday :)
  3. Holy guacamole! Congrats! So far my highest is 500 EPs, but I recently got "No Reward" four times in a row.
  4. Congrats on instant elite!

    I have been facing some no rewards myself!

    Just remember, the loser is also an important part of the game! ;)
  5. Every cloud, eh? Man, I really wanna get that Instant Card Collection!
  6. I'm with you in that one, brother--even though all in going to do is resell it to fund my hospital magician repertoire.

    Let's see what our free spins will do today
  7. Hopefully something good! Good luck! :)
  8. 50 elite points. At least it's something.

    You're up!
  9. I won a rare Propaganda deck today!
  10. The most I won was 250 points I believe. Mainly get 50 points or nothing, what BS!
  11. ahh.. no reward again today..
    you guys are so lucky !
    the best i win is 100 EP T_T
  12. Hey, I'm just glad we don't have to by something every time we want a spin. Theory 11's contest is wayyyy better than E's. At Ellusionist, you have to fork over like 25 bucks just to participate :O
  13. And no reward for me on the last day! I got enough points for the wristband. So I'm happy with what free prizes I got. Good luck to everyone on the last day.

    Spin you next year
  14. Hey T11 thanks for this wonderful wheel. I got total of ~2300 points. Pretty good for free spins. I think best was 500.
  15. 2 spins and 500 elite points
  16. Nice to have an extension!
  17. I got 100 more points out of the extension. I wonder what else is left.

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