The Card Magic of Ed Marlo

Dec 22, 2019
Hello everyone!
I've just seen a video on a trick from the book "The Card Magic of Edward Marlo" and I'm interested in buying it.
Before searching for somewhere to buy the book, I went on , in order to see if it shared too many things with Revolutionary Card Technique, which I already have.
However, I couldn't find the book mentioned in the archive, and the only publication that contained the trick that I saw in the video was a short 65 pages long book called "35 years later".
I have two questions: Is "The card magic of Edward Marlo" a collection of different publications like the one mentioned above? Where can I buy the book?
Thanks in advance :)


Nov 1, 2009
New Jersey
So Conjuring Archive is great, but there are some books that it doesn't have. The Card Magic of Edward Marlo is out of print. Like much of Marlo's published work it is a compilation of lecture notes. Thirty-Five Years later is a video of a lecture Ed gave in 1986 in St. Louis Missouri, the notes for which are included in The Card Magic of Edward Marlo. The title is based on it being the first lecture that Ed gave in 35 years and it is the only lecture by Ed on video. I've not seen the lecture notes for that available separately.

However, you can find a pdf of The Card Magic of Edward Marlo here:
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