The Chronic Documents: Control People's Thoughts


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Mar 21, 2009
This is my review for Chronic by Kevin Parker.

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First up is Sadistic! This one fooled me, as im sure it fooled many by watching the demo and after reading it and trying it out...I like it.

The performer ribbon spreads a deck of cards, turns his back and has a spectator select a card. The card is memorized and replaced into the deck; the deck is squared and put away by the spectator. The performer names the selected card. He doesn't even have to turn back around.

Everything is well written out, everything is covered. The method and how it works is clever and youd be surprised at how often it works.

This will take some practice to get the "move" down and the presentation. It is also something you can’t really practice by yourself or with a friend, you have to learn it and go out and do it.

There is another way of doing this that allows a higher success rate, but not at all harder to do. I use this method.

Sadistic is good, and is well thought out. Several points are touched on that really make this work, however it will not always work 100% like the demo as things might go wrong because you're controlling their thoughts in very subtle ways which could be thrown off by a distraction, mental or environmental. In this case there is an out for that taught in the eBook to make this end up you knowing their card.

Superior Phyche - This is the other part to Chronic featuring 3 effects.

Mixed Signals

A three digit number is written down on a piece of paper and pocketed by a spectator. The spectator then dials a completely different three digit number into their cell phone, and shows it to another friend. The friend, however, sees the number the spectator originally wrote down. But, when the spectator sees the phone, the numbers he keyed in are still there!

Old principles and new principles created by Kevin mixed together make up Mixed Signals. Kevin has taken an old prinicple and expanded it into a great routine using a new prinicple (to me) with a cellphone. While a cool effect, I wont be performing this one. This one will work, and im sure will be quite hard hitting but there is 1 thng that may throw some off of performing it. Not going to discuss it here but its not something I like to do...Now it could still work for you and everything is covered to do it properly, just not for me.

Spectators Thought of Card to Spectators Pocket

A card is shown, say the King of Spades. The spectator places the card into his pocket. The spectator is then asked to think of a card, and concentrate on it. Without ever having to answer a question or say what card they were thinking of, the spectator removes the card from their pocket to see that it has changed into the card they were thinking of.

A good physiological force to try out. This will not always work since you are mainly controlling their thoughts and any distraction, mental or environmental, can throw it off but the patter provided is clear to understand and logically it would work but sometimes it wont . It’s definitely something to try and is a miracle! If it does not work for whatever reason, you could easily move into something else with the named card and the spectator would not really think twice about it.

Remote Viewing with a Photo

A spectator divines the contents of a photo they never see, held the whole time by the performer. No oddly suggestive questions and the performer only tips that it’s a place.

I like the effect. This is something i feel confident performing and Kevin explains different ways to approach people that get them into the right mind state. Some of these ways include people walking or just chilling but I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to walk up to someone and go right into this effect, I think it could be worked into a performance or what not. The success rate on this is high as well and really looks like you know what they were going to think of. I like this the best among all of the effects in this manuscript.

These are a nice series of effects that are something you should look into if you are interested in mentalism and physiological forces. Now not all are of that nature, but many require the use of a script. In the end all of them, are powerful pieces if you can pull them of successfully!

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