The Equivoque Force or Choice

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  1. Try page 321
  2. There it is! Thank you! It's so hidden, not in the contents, which seem to list every little trick in the whole book. Much appreciated!
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  3. its in Mark Wilson's CCIM, but in with the Mental Magic effects, and on page 321. Hope this helps.
  4. When I perform magician's force, I find that it helps to vary the choices you ask your spectator. I might to place a pile in my hand, and then to place their hands on two piles, and then lift one up etc. This way it doesn't seem suspicious because you don't repeat the same action but with different results. As long as you are confident when performing it, it should convince your spectator.

    Hope this helps!
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  5. From my knowledge Mark Elsdon is the guy you need to find. He did a small lecture on it and he really kills with this stuff!

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