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  1. A lot of people have been asking what all these terminologies mean, and since there weren't really good resources out there, how should they know? So I've taken the first step to try and answer these questions for everybody, each time yet another person wants to ask: what is this amazing art?

    I present The Cardistry FAQ (version 1).

    If you have any other questions that you feel aren't answered, or you feel you have other contributions, post up here or on the FAQ itself!
  2. it makes me sad :( to see you disrespecting the magicians of the past, and saying that because the YouN00b generation doesn't recognize 'cardistry', that you can steal the term for whatever your uses are.

    it's like when 4jacks made the "backpack cut" and someone pointed out that's actually Causabon's "Pincer Grip Cut". he didn't say "NO!!! nobody uses that term, it's the backpack cut now!!!" he said , "whoops, yea dere it is, in the EoPCF."

    please show some respect for the memory of Rusduck and to the other living magicians still using "cardistry" as a magic term...

    FWIW, the original definition of cardistry is making a comeback! visit soon!!! for some great visual MAGIC and flourishes!
  3. You are the most opinionated person I know who's been in the art for less than a year ;) though unfortunately it seems your focus is purely on creating controversy. (Bashing newbies, etc...)

    As far as research is concerned, it only shows there was 1 magician still using "cardistry" as a magic term. A second now that somebody created a website that simply has a picture on it, which I think hardly constitutes as proof. Again, I am not the only person using the word "cardistry," and I think you'll see it in more use in the near future... *hint*

    Again looking at the research that has been accumulated at this point I don't see a strong case at all against the use of "cardistry" as a non-magical term. In fact, even Richard Kaufman in your research said cardistry never reached popularity as a magical term.

    As for Rusduck, it's hard to judge what his opinion is, due to his unfortunate death nearly 50 years ago. For all we know he might have looked at the art we see today and said "now THAT's cardistry!" Obviously I don't know that, and neither do you.

    But what we do know is that was over 50 years ago. Times have changed, while it's important to look at history as guidance we shouldn't be stuck in the past.
  4. Yeah, you know I'm not expert on the history cards. Honestly I know very little. But the fact still remains that in my opinion I believe both of you have valid points. Trashman your right we should respect the people of the past, be willing to use the old names of flourishes. But at the same time we should also not linger in the past as Richard said. We should not be afraid to use new terms as well. I believe both the old and the new age terms should be acceptable.
  5. Cardistry was never adopted as a popular magic term. It had a brief stints in the past, and one mention after Decknique opened.

    De'vo is trying to make everyone believe that just because it was used for a few years about 55 years ago, and because ONE GUY made a book about it today after Decknique already started, that it's a bona-fide and exclusively magical term. Ridiculous. I feel Richard is totally within logic and within his rights to use it, and some scant references half a century ago and one person using it today shouldn't change that.

  6. soooo... is the new website out of line for continuing the vision of Rusduck's tradition? he calls cardistry basically visual magic tricks, which, isn't such a bad thing, i mean dan and dave pretty much do cardistry on the trilogy, all their tricks are really fast and visual...

    so is it *okay* in this case (i'm asking) for the same word to mean two things simulatneously or what. because then there'd be no argument, but instead I get the impression that Rich is more like "NO it does not mean magic anymore". but like for example a fence can mean sticks in a yard, but also mean some person to whom you'd bring stolen goods ( or terms ;) )
  7. trahsmanf, you wine way to much. all you do is bash people and compain that nothing is good. why dont you make a video and submit it if you think that you are so good. stop bashing people unless you are better than them, and if you are.... prove it!!!
  8. Uh oh, another internet challenge :p. You better watch out trashmanf or he might move on to internet threats.

    Shouldn't cardistry include both flourishes and sleight of hand? That's what would make sense to me.
  9. Thanks for sharing, I don't agree though
  10. Oh, believe me. He's good all right.
  11. ...i love the term/word " DECKNIQUE " :p
  12. The link for the FAQ is not working. Has it been moved and if so can you provide a new link?

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