The Magic Circle

Dec 11, 2013
Hey guys ! Can you tell me what exactly is the magic circle ? I don't know much about it . I heard that its like some king of a magic college, where you can have proper education. Can you give me more information please ?

Brett Hurley

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Sep 27, 2014
Texa$, with a dollar sign
Magic Circle is one of, if not, THE most prestigious magic club in the world. I'm not sure if they have a 'college' so to speak. But they do have a HUGE magic library.
Getting accepted into the Magic Circle is what makes it such a huge deal. There's two ways of getting in: Performance or Thesis.
The thesis you can start and send anytime you want, but going through the process of being accepted to do a performance takes a couple years of apprenticeship (even if you are doing an overseas acceptance video). If you do a thesis, and you get accepted into the Magic Circle; your thesis gets added to their library. IIRC, the thesis route is less than 20% of members who apply.
Not to mention, to be a member and renew membership costs A LOT--at least to me it does. Expect several hundred to leave your pocket when you go for your initial fees.

Not to say that's a deterant, but it IS a helluva thing to put on your 'magic resume' if you so desire.

If you're like me and can't afford it and/or not under an apprenticeship; go on their website and download their performance judging criteria.
For me, it's a neat tool to use because I'm still learning how and what to look for in my own performances. If you can look at your performances and what you do objectively, it helps--and it's for free.

But yes, if the Magic Circle is a goal you aspire towards, I'm sure there are some users on this forum that are card-carrying members that can steer you in the right direction.
But I would start with going on the website and looking for a contact that works in your area/country and going from there.
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