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  1. Hey Guys.

    Amit Badiani here from The Manchurian Approach. First of all i would like to thank you all for your comments on The Manchurian Approach. I work very closely with Anthony and will pass him on all the comments.

    I am here to help anyone if they need anyhelp regarding hypnosis and dvd so please feel free to email me at, add me on skype as magicamit or facebook as Amit Badiani.

    remember you are the hypnotist.

  2. With these DVD's , and hypnosis in general, does age matter, or if you are only say 19, will people not believe you can do it, and be immune to the effects?
  3. Age really shouldn't matter that much, What you should do tho is do the first two things that he shows you on the first DVD and then from there you can go into the deeper stuff.
  4. Age shouldn't reallllly matter per se. It's more your credibility. Hypnosis has a great deal about convincing your spectator of your "power". If they aren't for it, then it won't work. Would you be convinced by yourself, if you saw yourself walking up and wanting to hypnotize you?
  5. Hmm, if i didn't know myself then I'm fairly sure i could convince them. I could always doe some mentalism effects first so they have some opinion of me right?
  6. Could there be any problems if i live in a country where the native language isn't english. I mean would i miss some important things if i translate the "phrases" to my language?
    So what i'm trying to say is: would it be worth buying and will i still get the same benefit from the DVD if i'm not going to speak english?
  7. I don't believe hypnosis is an english oriented art. Even if it were, for WHATEVER reason, you can learn so much with this dvd to make it worth your money. But still, I believe you can hypnotize in other languages. This dvd does lay out a general script for you, it teaches you what goes into creating your script, etc... as well.

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