The Market Jam(s) - December Meet-Up

Aug 31, 2007
Thanks for everyone who came, it was a very fun day. Garrett, every one ended up leaving around 15 minutes after you did, so don't worry about it too much ;)

I will post the next date for the January Jam soon, and will try and edit the footage I took today soon. Thanks again for everyone who came, we had a good 12 people near the end! Hopefully it will only get bigger and bigger! (that's what she sai---ah not worth it).

Happy Holidays, and for those who haven't been yet, email me so I can notify you of the next meeting, it will be posted ASAP on


Nov 18, 2009
I sure hope I have my cast off by then. Considering I am unable to perform ANYTHING.

And learning with your other hand is really a friggin' challenge haha.
Sep 1, 2007
I'm in for the next one, finals really killed this one for me. It's a 2 hour drive up from San Diego, but I'm gonna make it next time!

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