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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Innovate. Publish. Advance. Inspire.

On The Marketplace, you can create and publish your own magic effects and cardistry moves. All you need is an idea. Your effect. Your creation.

The Marketplace is the official theory11 magic marketplace, a global collective of artists united together to advance the artform. New tricks are submitted every day through our submission process, and you can publish your effect instantly. Your creation will be seen by hundreds of thousands of magic and cardistry enthusiasts every month.

If your effect is as great as you think it is, watch it climb The Charts and reach #1 status. Dream big. There is no greater platform for reaching the peak of magic innovation faster, with no middle man and every aspect in your complete control. It's unprecedented - and you have complete control over your creation, from the preview video to every aspect of the tutorial and description.

The process is simple, and the platform is revolutionary for the magic industry. New features and tools are constantly added to the Artist Dashboard, and in the months and years ahead, we will continue to improve, advance, and evolve. So what are you waiting for? The platform is yours. The Marketplace is you.
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