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    Hey guys,

    Since the release of The Pandora System in 09' I have received a large number of emails retaining to some old and new handlings using the system as well as approaching new effects and routines. I will be releasing a free digital download to all the previous owners of my system with those ideas and some new performances utilizing those ideas.

    This is just a heads up send me an email with the subject "I own the system" with a picture of you and the system and you'll recieve this private video. When I released the DVD that was five years into the design and the making now using the system has grown into so much more then it was intended for and I'm floored by all the creativity out there that has yet to be discovered.

    For those of you thinking about purchasing the system my good friend Dee Christopher has great little package on his site that includes my system check it here.

    Send your e-mail to: to be added to the list for the download be expecting the release in the next few months, thanks guys for all your input and feel free to send me your ideas with your email here you never know I may use it in performances.


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