The real reason teller is silent

Nov 12, 2016
LA (Lower Alabama)
HELLO EVERYBODY! Seeing as it’s Wednesday I thought it was time to bring back A popular series on the forums that honestly jumped the shark in 2018, but I’m still trynna make work.
No, not wand street journal that was never popular. No, not that wierd thing where I let people pick my type of trick (btw I still need to rip that deck). No, not the cardian That was Dead on Arrival. No, not top 5 I stopped after 1 thread when I realized I sucked at rankings.

You know come to think of it I need to stop creating series then instantly getting bored of them.

I’m talking Wednesday GAME NIGHT! And for possibly the first time in history it’s actually on a Wednesday!! Anyway ramble over.

it’s time to game a play
or whatever that pretentious line I used to say was.

As we all know Penn and Teller are two of the top magicians in the world; however teller never talks. Odd. I’ve always wondered... why?
Why doesn’t teller speak?

As always be creative and have fun!!

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Oct 2, 2018
It's actually written in their performance contract that Teller is not allowed to speak. True story...ok, maybe not.

I think he wants to have the audience really get the experience of their performance. Without the words as distractions. Kinda like a picture in b+w. Without the color information, the eye automatically goes to the composition, textures, placement of the subject, lighting, etc. That's why I like b+w photos more. Same reason I love the old silent films, no distractions from the dialog. There are performers in the past that didn't speak during their performances, as I have recently learned in Jim Steinmeyer's book "Hiding the Elephant". Teller may just be carrying on that tradition as a nod to the past.
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Dec 9, 2018
Every time they are fooled on Fool Us, Teller forgets how to say one word. David Copperfield cursed him with that because he feared Teller would take his place as most famous magician...
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Mar 24, 2021
When they went to India during their "Magic Mystery Tour", Penn and Teller met a local magician and staged an act where he accidently put a curse on Teller and removed his tongue. Throughout the episode, they kept saying they felt uncomfortable that the Indian magician they had met was selling phony "magic" rings for serious cash. After watching the special, and seeing that they didn't believe in his rings, the Indian magician actually did put a curse on Teller. Using his magic rings, he shouted, "He will never speak again!" And he hasn't since.
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Nov 3, 2018

Kidding aside for a moment, if anybody's interested in the real reason, there's a clip from their Google Talk on YouTube where Teller explains his reasons. I highly recommend watching that video, if only to hear his voice (at the risk of using cliché, it sounds smooth as silk).
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