The Success Story Of The Mengel Brothers

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  1. DVD launch coming soon

    In our last post we said we are starting to contact retailers. Now we can say we have at least one retailer who has shown interest in our products. We don't have a contract yet, but things are looking promising.

    At the same time we have still kept giving last touch-ups to the DVD. Even though we finished filming quite a long time ago, we still find things we want to improve. Maybe we are overthinking, but we just want to make sure we give our best, before we release our creations. Even right now when the DVD is basically finished- I've rendered out the "final" version and the retailer was happy with it, I still decided to reshoot some things.

    As we don't have the deal down on paper yet, we cannot be sure when will the launch happen, but if everything goes as we hope with the retailer, then I think we are able to FINALLY share our creations with you in January.

    I already made the trailer as well, but I'll show it once it's 100% sure when the DVD will be launched.

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    3 years of hard work...

    ...and here's the result. It could have been better, but this is what we have...

    We are very happy that we have found one retailer, who is willing to help us to live our dream.



    Joonas & Johannes
  3. Good news!

    Good news, everybody! We now have TWO retailers who have decided to carry our product! So the DVD will be available soon! Once the date is set, we will let you know!

    Thanks for everybody who has followed this thread and wished the best for us. We hope our DVD will be a good contribution back to the magic community :)

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    Summary II - DVDs are done and we have the date...

    1. Find funding for equipment. DONE
    2. Create a company. DONE
    3. Film performance videos. DONE
    4. Film the explanation. DONE
    5. Create menus/logo/cover art. DONE
    6. Create a website. DONE
    7. Contact retailers (get "yes") DONE
    8. Create trailers. DONE
    9. Manufacture DVDs. DONE
    10. Launch the DVDs ...

    The launch date is July 8!

    Keep an eye on the thread and for updates!

  5. Ellusionist joins forces with Mengel Brothers

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that Brad Christian made a post under our other thread in E forums. The cat is out of the bag now:

    I'm very excited to share my effect with you guys! Expect to see a trailer soon!

    All the best to you!

  6. Truely, a great leap in your success story.
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  7. Yes, I guess the recent events in our story now really make the name of the thread justified :)

    Excited to see where the story goes from here...

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    The Launch of Breakthrough

    Thanks everyone! Only a few hours left...


    Soon we will announce our new epic goal ;) The journey continues...

    Johannes & Joonas
  9. Breakthrough dvd is launched

    WE DID IT!!!

    Now available on our website:

    And of course at Ellusionist and Penguin Magic- just like in the vision we announced years ago!


    Here's the trailer:

  10. Congratulations to both of you! I look forward to reading the reviews this gets over the next few months and wish you continued success.
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  11. I will admit I haven't followed you guys closely, but this release is solid. I really like the method.
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  12. Thank you, Rick! It's so amazing how well people have responded to this release. I'm excited to read the reviews as well. We have already received some comments:

    Very humbling to read such feedback! Can't wait for other reviews...

  13. I'm glad you enjoyed the method! Thank you for taking time to let us know! Have fun performing it! ;)
  14. Both of you just awesome , congrats of your firts Launch DVD :) its amazing , it make me love a magic world again and the most important is you two were inspire me :D (y)
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    Love this! =)

    You guys are awesome and I can't wait to see more.
    There was only one thing that mad me sad. Currency here
    does not (edited for exposure) soda cans down here in
    Texas. Don't know why. Works with some beer cans
    though. =)

    Can't wait to see more from you two and I am glad
    I purchased this. It was not just the method but the
    details, versions, and explanations to prepare you for
    anything and everything that makes it worth it.
    Plus, y'alls antics are the best.
    "Wanna see some Magic? LOOK AT MY FACE!"
    Man, that made me laugh big time! My world is
    a little better now with you two in it. =)

    Congrats Gentlemen! It all paid off!


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  16. Is this not a bit exposyy? I would suggest you edit it to something like The currency here is not effecient for the effect though it can be done with certain beer cans. Just a suggestion :)
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  17. Hi guys... we have not been active after our first effect Breakthrough came out, but our journey with magic has not ended... "The Success Story of Mengel Brothers" continues...

    When we released Breakthrough then this is what was said:

    "So who are the Mengel Brothers? The short story is that they are two brothers from Estonia. But there is a much longer story to be told, and the exciting thing is their adventure is just starting. Their names aren’t well known in the magic community yet. I say yet because they share a spot among a few up-and-coming stars of the future magic stage. They came out of nowhere a couple years ago appearing in online magic forums saying they had a dream to create magic, and inspire others. Then they made good on their dreams by producing a quality product. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see more from these two in the near future. They are dreamers, they are visionaries, and I expect to see great things from them. Pay attention to the Mengel Brothers, I think they’ve got some creative ideas and I look forward to seeing what they come out with next." - William Draven

    So now "the near future" has passed and we are ready to share our next effect, which people GENUINELY believe is REAL.

    Watch the video here:

    We are very excited to share this with you! Let us know what you think!

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  18. Breakthrough was one of the first effects I ever bought that wasn't from a brick and mortar shop, I really appreciated how in depth you guys went with the workings of it and how passionate you are about the art! It's nice to see you back again!
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  19. Thank you, Martin, for sharing your thoughts, it means a lot to us to hear if someone appreciates the effort we put into creating a product. For some it's even too much lol :D

    If you liked our dedication we gave to our first release then you won't be disappointed with this one as well. We have given our best to help you to be the best you can be when performing Breaking Point!
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  20. Hi guys, can you please help us improve our website? I gave it quite a makeover, so if you could leave your feedback, what you like and what you don't like, we would appreciate it a lot! Thanks!

    Here's the link:

    Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 13.25.08.png

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