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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by darosa.justin, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. This may have been discussed before, but whatever.

    I really hate people that have loads of money (no offense to anyone that does) and just buy a ton of gimmicks, and call themselves magicians. They spend hundreds of bucks in gimmicks, and go out and perform the trick seconds later, without any patter and get a decent reaction. Then, they call themselves magicians.

    Why I hate this...

    1. They are 'buying' magic. Gimmicks are great, up to a certain extent. For example, the gimmicks for Panic, Digital Dissolve, etc. are just fantastic. But rich kids just go around and buy every cool gimmick they see. Magic is an art, it's something youve got to work at. You cant just BUY it and expect yourself to be a great magician- like they think they are. Its a disgrace.

    2. It requires no skill. As i said before, gimmicks are great up to a certian level. Magic is a skill as well as an art. Youve got to work at it before becoming a great magician. You dont see painters or musicians just 'buying' their music skill. Just like you don't see (not even great) just good magicians buying their magic skill. They WORK at it, and put in effort.

    People who just buying tons of gimmicks, have no respect for the art, and have no skill at all. They have no idea how to really perform and relly CANNOT call themselves magicians.

    Hope people like them read this, and learn from it. Thanks for your time, and no offense to anyone here.

  2. im not a big fan of calling things art, but magic tricks is really something that needs a lot of work and not just rely solely on gimmicks. i picked up Panic but even if i know how to do it i wont be able to sell the effect as good as someone who really spends a lot of time working on it to perfection. atm im working on that even though im not a great performer.
  3. Thats great!

    I mean, at last you're making an effort to get it really well done. Some people would just buy it an perform it 5 seconds later.
  4. Yes

    I understand your pain as this is one of things that I think is a problem with magic and why it is not considered an art. However I will get to that in a later post when I do not have a brand new deck of guardians to seduce and destroy.:D
  5. I don't think you have a problem with people who make money, but people who perform when not ready.

    Money has nothing to do with it.

    You will find plenty of people on-line that perform Sleight of Hand moves incorrectly because they are just wanting their 30 seconds of fame on YouTube.

    They destroy the hard work others have put into it, just as much as someone who relies heavily on gimmicks and has poor Presentation and Showmanship.

    Weather or not they have allot of money is irrelevant.

    Take the individual that has to wait between the gimmicks they purchase. With time, they will have a collection of potentially great materials for a magician, but they perform it badly and without respect to the hard work that was put into the gimmicks in order to entertain people.

    The problem is the mindset of an individual as you described. Many of which don't have allot of money, but also they don't have patience.
  6. yea. i agree. this world doe snot favor magic and magicians. Look at he world today. Get it NOW. NOw mommy NOW! I want to do this NOW! I mean even I lose my patients with my computer or whatever. BUt magic is something hat takes time. Like most things in life, it is a process, not a product. Work, work, Practice, Practice, Expiriment. Rinse wash repeat. No stopping there. The only way "intant getification" (As's commercial says) is with gimmicks. And sure, when i started, I bought gimmicks, but after about $30 worth of CRAP I ditched it and bought a couple books.

    NIce essay. I completely agree.

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