The WaterWheel - How?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by AndersMoller, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,

    Allright, so I have now been practicing the waterwheel flourish for atleast a couple of months, but I feel like I am still a loooong way from doing it just half as smooth as the guy in this video:

    Are any of you able to do it consistently, and do you have some tips and tricks for practice?:)
  2. Fairly slippery cards would be what I'd say. If you haven't gotten it with that much practice, you probably need better practice cards.
  3. Which card do you use? :) And can you get it down on a consistent basis?
  4. Truth is, the move is so messy, I've hardly practiced it. However, when it does work well, it's always with cards that fan quite comfortably; anything less, and it just doesn't work right. Do you use cards that fan easily?

    P.S. The cards in that video are fairly good ones, and likely in good condition as well.
  5. try to make it so that you use the side of the cards instead of the top to make it easier to handle. so shuffle them then switch to a side interlocked card thing.
  6. Also try with a harder newer stock of cards then you can have the buildup of the muscles and you will be able to do it better with a poop deck

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