The Wheel: Week #4!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zeede, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. Hopefully we'll have more luck on the last day ;)
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  2. No reward again for me as well. One more chance!
  3. 100 points for me!
  4. No reward for me as well ^^'
  5. i actually in total have received about 1300 elite points from spins this month
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  6. No Reward. However my ornament came in the mail today. Thanks T11!!
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  7. 1250 on free spins for me.
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  8. Last day = no reward
    In total I got 435 elite points in 3 weeks ^^'
  9. Picture?? lol
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  11. 500 more Elite Points today!!!
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  12. 25 points!
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  13. 50 points:(
  14. id not mind filling my hall or room with decks:D
  15. worst year for me on the wheel. just got 100 EP twice
  16. Wait who got the good stuff?
  17. I'm so jealous. As a huge card and movie memorabilia collector I really REALLY wanted that NYSM2 card :( Congrats on your win... Let me know if you wanted to trade anything for it or sell it :p
  18. Is there more information about the NYSM card? For example: How many are there in existence? We’re all cards produced used in movie? What’s the value of the card? Any information would be nice :)
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