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  1. Hey guys

    I just wanted to stop bye and tell you that TheCardistMag is now released. Go check it out.

  2. This is a project i have keenly kept my eye on.
    I still remember the first people who started this thing a few years back, great to see it finally took off!

    Congrats my friends!
  3. damn, that guy on the cover is sexy.
  4. So this is just an E-mag?
  5. Yes, comes in a PDF with what i´ve heard interactive content(video inside the magazine.)

  6. Any plans of actually publishing?
  7. No immediate plans of publishing right now. I dont have the funds to do such a thing. I dont think its necessary either, cardists have always used the internet to communicate ideas, and teach, so why not here?

  8. Its cool but just try not to make cardistry too popular. We dont want cardistry to become trendy....
  9. Enlighten me, why not?

    Congrats on getting this out there JDEN. I hope you spell checked the inside of the magazine, though.
  10. just saying its more fun to preform cardistry when nobody knows about the art. Maybe I'm wrong who knows.
  11. would it be possible to, like, subscribe to the Cardistmag? like a publicized magazine?
  12. Not currently.
    We are still in our infancy. Like Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, this is cool. We'll just leave it at that and see where it goes.
    It however something I do plan on doing the future.


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