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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josh Burch, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. My first encounter with theory11 was in a walgreen by way of the theory11 designed Bicycle ArchAngels. I was impressed and sought more of their stuff on the web.
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  2. Yeah, I've seen Arch Angels at board game stores and a couple other places. A few years ago we found Monarchs in the seasonal section of Barnes and Noble. That was exciting.

    This was the first big display I have seen and I happen to be wearing a matching t-shirt which was sweet. I was surprised by the variety of the cards. They had 3 colors of Monarchs, SNL, Tonight Show, Red, Both High Victorian Decks, NPH, Both colors of Artisans, and a deck of Citizens.
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  3. Yes of course that is a whole 'nother level of exposure.

    It is a great pic.
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  4. Yeah I saw this also at the San Mateo Target in California. It's funny, I normally don't check the playing cards section because I know they're only going to have the red/blue single pack bikes, the red/blue double pack bikes, the red/black 4-pack bikes, and the Bicycle Prestige plastic garbage, but I looked anyway. Boy was I shocked lol. So much variety.
  5. Mine is the same way! I was pretty excited and picked up a NPH deck because I wanted to take a crack at the puzzle!
    They had a great selection like you said! Was very surprised!
  6. We are expanding our empire!!! Soon we shall take OVER THE WORLD. In all seriousness though this is AMAZING I have seen T11 cards in a bunch of wallgreens and book stores. It’s very gratifying to see.
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  7. In my country a regular pack bikes is more than 30 dollars(If you can find one anyway). I have bought a lot of magic stuff online but I have never, ever touched even a pack of bikes. Let alone high quality ones like t11 or the virts. I guess if you could find one in my country it would be like 200 $ or something.
  8. My friend went to target to get bikes and saw T11 cards. When he said that I thought he was joking! Glad T11 is expanding!

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