This guy actually bent my coin how?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Delicious, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I recently was a participant in a magic trick. The magician asked my for a coin. I gave him a coin from a different country. He gave it back to me bent and it still is. I thought normally the magicians have pre-bent coins but how could he have pulled it off on a different currency?
  2. A lifetime of sleight of hand gives us magicians fingers that are as strong as the biceps of professional athletes. Bending coins? No problem.

    Also there is no magic exposure on these forums.
  3. It's honestly not that impressive on how. It's much more impressive that you didn't see how he did it.

    Think of how you would bend a coin. Pliers? Imagine if that was the answer. He bent it using pliers. Isn't it more impressive that you didn't see him bend the coin with pliers, than the fact that he bent it with pliers? That's crazy right? The man pulled out some pliers, bent the coin, and you didn't see anything...

    Okay it's not exactly like that, but my point is that you don't need to know how. It's really not that interesting.
  4. Did he ask you for a foreign coin or were you deliberately trying to trip him up?

    Either way, sounds like he was ready for anything.
  5. Nah, a small portable vice is the best way to do it.
  6. I've actually seen a guy strong enough to bend pennies.
  7. Teeth.

    (PLEASE, don't take me seriously here people.)

    // L
  8. So this is only for really good magicians, but if you spend about 30 years mediating and drinking only diet Mountain Dew and spring water, you get metal-bending powers.
  9. It's a optical illusion like the "rubber pencil"
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  10. The coin was never bent... he was never there.....Say No to Drugs....
  11. Until I see the coin with my own two eyes, the coin is both bent and unbent. It is Schrodinger's Coin.
  12. This is my new favorite thread
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  13. No, I'm pretty sure he didn't use thread.
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  14. I didn't think it could get better. And yet... It did
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  15. Actually the coin is not bent... it's your PERCEPTION of the coin that's been bent.
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  16. Hit the nail on the head buddy!
    And now the head is bent as well.


    I know I'm pathetic. Why are you still reading this? (+_+)
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  17. I can do you one better... I rocked up to a old womans house in my leather coat and sunglasses. While I was chilling in her living room waiting for her to finish baking cookies,a small bald child bent a pile of soup spoons right before my eyes! Amazing!

    Also, if you're reading this oracle, sorry for breaking your vase!
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  19. You could always heat the coin up along the middle so it's near molten and then let it cool. Could always try that with a lighter...
  20. I'm imagining this guy reading this thread with a lighter, a nail, a box with a dead cat in it, 80 empty bottles of Mountain Dew, and like 40 bankrolls of quarters, all confused as to how the coin bent.

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