This trick is too small for a BIG STAGE?

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  1. [My english sucks] I'm going to perform for the journey of my university in a theather that can fill up almost 400 people, i really want to do a ring routine that I have but would that be effective for a big stage? I want to do a version of the Mc Combical Deck with big paper, some thorn and restorn stuff, but wanted to close with the ring trick, is a comedy ring vanish that end up in the miracle blox (quarter go). Do guys think is a good idea or I should think better and do other suff instead? Any sugestions?
  2. Is the ring clearly visible from the back of the audience? If so, then go ahead with it.

    I've never performed from a stage, but in my own experience, ring routines are best when done up close. Even taking a few steps too many back kind of ruins them, they become hard to see and hard to engage everyone in the audience
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  3. If you can make the ring appearing somewhere else play big then it will be fine. Have seen magicians in 5,000 seat arenas make this effect work. It is all about the presentation. If you just vanish it then it reappears somewhere else it won’t work. If you play with the audience member and tie it into other tricks then it should be fine.
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  4. I was planning to do the ring vanish and play like I don't know how to get it back, then the spectator would be mad at me and i would try to compensate it's lost by saying that i will give a better thing intead, so I would have him help me do a routine with 2 papers that are torn and restored into a nice hat to the spectator, I think it's called master hat. He probably would't be satisfied, so I would offer what's inside a box that I presented in the beggining, witch is locked, and the ring would be there! Can this work?
  5. Yeah I think so. The spectator would react to it which would be all the audience would need. The actual vanish and production of the ring isn’t visually important. The thing is you need to make it clear that is what happened. Playing off the “magician in trouble” approach sounds good in this case because the object is of considerable value to the spectator. Should make for good byplay.
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