Thoughts on David Blaine's Fallon appearance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CWhite, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Last night mr. Blaine appeared on the Tonight Show again. He performed a "trick"(?) where he sewed his lips shut with a needle and thread. There is more after that, however I was curious what everyone's thoughts were on that type of stunt.
    I think its disgusting and awesome. lol
    Now he did use that for a shocking Angle Z type reveal.
    But do you think he's going to far with the extreme body stunts?

  2. Well, I found it hard to watch - like a train wreck: I couldn't look away. And as far as entertainment goes - like it or hate it - you can't say he didn't invoke an emotional response!
  3. I liked it! I think people expect him to do the extreme! He could have done that trick without sewing his mouth shut and it still would have been awesome but its expected for him to do something out there like that!
  4. All I could think of when watching it was "why didn't I think of this myself?" And then "I wish I didn't have a fear of needles"

    I'm fine with human blockhead, swallowing needles, and pulling thread and other things from my eye. A man can dream I guess.
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  5. I much prefer revealing the full card while the spectator is holding the corner than the usual method. And I imagine the method is significantly different...

    I liked it. He’s still got that weirdness factor that I loved when I was a kid, but now he’s also got a bit of personality. He smiles a bit at least.

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