Thumb tip and scarves

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  1. What are your thoughts on the standard thumb tip and scarves routine? I really like it but just wanted some other opinions on it? Is it considered a good routine or is it more "amateurish"?

    I recently started learning and practicing it and building my own routine on it... but previously I always looked at thumb tips as "Amater?
  2. I used to think the snap change was a laughable sleight that appealed to "amatuers" because it is easy to do. Then after seeing it done well in a routine I realised that things like snap changes aren't amatuerish sleights but rather they are often peformed amateurishly by others.

    I don't use a thumbtip for scarves but have messed around with it on other uses like bill switches etc. I say go for the scarf routine and try it out and see if you like it, as well as what your audience thinks of it.
  3. I like doing the Mismade Flag or Thumb Tip Blendo for kids. For adults, I use my Thumb Tip for my torn and restored sugar packet or airline napkin.

    What does the routine you are doing consist of?
  4. I am still putting it together... but it is really for a multi age audience.
    Starting with some fun visual magic like appearing cane > to silk > to wand.
    Then some fun close up with cards and ending with an ambitious card ending with cardographic card rise.
    This is where I want to end off with some audience interaction with the thumbtip and making scarves disappear / change color.. I like it because it can give a nice visual ending and good for the audience and the close up spectators.


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