Tips for Erdnase's Convincing Control?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Lord Magic, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. So, actually speaking in does one make the convincing control look better?
    I do understand it is a LOT of mirror practice, but are there any tips in general for making it look better, as in not making it visible at all ?
    *Lol, the irony of practice something to make something look so awesome that NO ONE can see it!*
    And also, if there are any subtle movements that make it look considerably better?
  2. Could you maybe point out what page it's on? It's in EATCT right?
  3. Is it possible you meant Marlo's Convincing Control?

    If so, the "move" is done in the downward motion after showing the card in the spread. The card doesn't have to be perfectly aligned with the one behind it either, having the border exposed facilitates the "move." The larger motion of your hands coming down covers the smaller action of the "move" (trying to be cryptic here lol). There is no need to be fast either. Looking up to meet the audience's gaze is great misdirection as well if you need a moment to adjust in case something goes wrong, and after the card is controlled have them push it into the deck.

    It really is a convincing control. Of course, if you are talking about something in Erdanse then let us know because I cannot find anything with that name.
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  4. @DominusDolurum: Excellent post. Spot on!

    BTW, if you want to have some fun with other magicians who aren't aware of Marlo's Convincing Control (and there are plenty of them), tell them that you have come up with a new way of doing the pass that is completely invisible, and that you'd like to get their opinion. Have them "just touch a card," which, of course, they shown in the spread and asked to remember. Execute the control, and then casually riffle the front of the deck. Show the selection on the bottom. If they don't know or recognize that it's simply MCC, it will get stronger and increasingly more baffling with a couple more repetitions. If they do happen to know the control, then no harm, you can both have a good laugh. I have had great fun with this - kind of like games you can play with your cat.
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  5. PS Sorry for the misspelling of your name. It was late LOL!
  6. Sorry guys, my bad :p

    MARLO'S convincing control...thanx for correcting me:)
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  7. Haha it's not a problem. I've been considering changing it :p You can call me Andrew.

    And thanks for your comment! :)

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