Tips on the Le Paul Spread

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  1. Hi Guys!

    I have two or three sources that teach the above flourish but I can’t seem to get anywhere with it. The cards all fly off in clumps and not very far, and they seem to be getting damaged due to the odd bevel and the amount of pressure being put on them.

    Am I doing something wrong or did anyone have any tips? Feel free to PM if it borders on revealing here.

  2. First of all, the cards themselves must be excellent quality and in very good condition. This means Bicycle, Bee, Legends, or other high quality cards such as decks available from Theory 11. Without that starting point, no amount of practice will make a difference. The flourish cannot be done with plastic cards, nor with cheap decks or with cards that are dirty, greasy, or gritty. Second, the flourish is obviously very knacky and requires time and practice (a lot of it), until one day, all of a sudden, you will surprise yourself as they come alive. Don't get discouraged - it will happen eventually with perseverance. Try adjusting the position of the cards in the hand that is holding them (left hand for most magicians), adjusting them up or down vertically and/or adjusting the angle (more diagonal or less diagonal). Finally, start with higher pressure and gradually release the pressure, as in when springing the cards and use the thumb of your right hand to help start the momentum at the beginning of the flourish.

    Hope this helps!
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