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    Hey guys, i practiced this trick for 2 days and completely new to the cardini change so if i did something bad just give me a tip? i know my change isn't smooth, working on it but anyway drop a like if u like? lol
    *Update 6/30 : This is the second version i updated and YES IT DID THE CHANGE WITHOUT SOUND!!!drop a like pls? LOL
  2. pretty good but the double picking up is obvious if you were doing it to a magician, if you watch dan and daves preformance they kick the card to the side which provides just enough mis direction to pick up a double, and as for the change remember to snap at the pip, other then that pretty awesome.
  3. thnx for the tip :) i'm working on it, it's just that i don't want to immitate dan and dave style completely :D
  4. i can see that, its not really a style though its more of a utility device
  5. I just update the second version tell me if you like it?
  6. your center double looks weird, it doesn't go with the flow of the trick. Just my opinion
  7. :) i think dan and dave did the same thing drag it out and push it aside
  8. yes, but it was unnecesary to rush your motions. As a spectator I would suspect that you did something funny and therefore start thinking of sleight of hand. I suggest keeping a nice flow so the trick looks smoother, you performed the sleights well.
    I have an old performance for tivo 2.1 if you are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PpQcjJkr6Y
  9. Oh alright, thnx for the advice lol, yea i did it kinda fast but i think you shouldn't do it too slow the speed is suppose to be like in the middle i think anyway, nice performance

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