Tom Mullica, sad news

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Francis Jordan Zasa, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Sorry to reach you with such sad news after all these months of inactivity. Just got off the phone with Tom's husband, Steve, minutes ago.

    Tom is now in an induced coma after several heart attacks and circulatory complications caused by a common hernia surgery. The surgery has apparently been performed poorly and everything went south from there.

    Even though we all wish to stay positive, chances are Tom is not coming home.

    Tom's has been an amazing mentor and probably the most kind, passionate and talented magician I ever know.
  2. omg...

    And I was just getting ready to see him at the Browser's Bash...

    This is definitely a major loss for the magic world, hopefully Tom recovers but in the event he doesn't let's all take some time to watch and admire the classic magic of this amazing performer out of respect.

  3. Sad news! He's one of the most funny and talented magicians I've seen. A real entertainer. Hopefully he will recover.
    Not long ago I've watched "An Evening at the Tom Foolery" again. One of the best there is.
  4. Steve said that he will take Tom off life support tonight.
    Thanks for all the laughs, thanks for all the stories and thanks for making magic better, dear Tom. :)
  5. This is sad news. When started magic a year and a half ago. Tom's cigarette routine was one of the first videos I watched, namely the cigarette magic routine.

    All I could think of was that you can do insanely great things in magic.

    At a time in which all I could see things as black and white. Watching Tom's video was a part in introducing me into the world of magic where everything is shades of grey and nothing is impossible.

    Fantastic magician and performer, and it sad to hear what has happened the way it did. It's really damn awful.
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  6. Sadly, he passed away last night.

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