Top 10 Card Tricks With No Gimmick


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Sep 13, 2008
I have 3 tricks I would actually perform, and a couple I enjoy doing for the pure sleight of hand.

The three I'd perform:
Reading - both reading their mind and also doing a reading from their selection
A color separation
A version of triumph

Then I enjoy doing my ACR, and Greg Wilson's Revolver for the enjoyment of the sleight of hand.

I used to do a lot more, though. I have a card reversal routine I made up which was quite fun, and I did a version of Chicago Opener which I did 3rd in my routine (After letting the audience handle the deck freely).
Dec 12, 2014
not the name of the game, but how its done.
-tenkai palm

its still make the audience surprised
and almost card game used this trick
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