Top 5 practical decks.

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  1. hey everyone, i just wanted to see what everyone's favorite top five practical decks of cards were. because im trying to figure out what decks to get for christmas.

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    I only have four decks I use the most:

    1.1001 Aladdins (old-style smooth finish)
    3.Tally-ho circle back
    4.Bicycle eco edition

    Also, those new bicycle 125 anniversary look sick.
  3. what do you mean practical?
  4. Bikes are the most practical . they are at almost any store you go to. and are pretty cheap
  5. why do you need 5?
    just choose 1... 2 tops....
    Bikes and Aladdins...
  6. Bicycle Deck and Tally Ho Circle Back. It's all about your personal favourite.
  7. I thought discussing "practical effects" was stupid, but practical decks? huh?

    I use bikes. I have a gazillion of them. (quite a few bricks). I also often use Bees.

    Sometimes I treat myself to Bee Watermelons or Custom decks.
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    I use:

    1. Arrco
    2. Thally-Ho fan back
    3. Bee Wynn
    4. Bicycle rider back
    5. Bicycle guardians
  9. I swear by Bicycles and Tally Ho-s but I have been known to break out the Guardians and Split Spades every now and then. I don't think I quite understand what you mean by "practical" though. If you mean in a street setting than Bicycles red and blue backed because everybody can relate to that prop. If it's a setting like a restaurant or banquet, I would break the Tally Ho's red and blue backs out. The spectators can associate themselves with those but I personally feel that the Tally Ho's have a "high class and sophisticated" vibe more so than the Bicycles.
  10. Get some smoke and mirrors... Oh wait they are sold out, I missed them again. Just go with YOUR favorites, like what do you use the most and what do you like to use?
  11. I'm not sure about practical deck. But Bicycle Eco Edition is a very good deck, smooth and last a long time while retaining its smoothness
  12. Do you mean normal decks or gaffed decks like pop-eyed popper and cardtoon?
  13. Are you looking for normal decks or gaffed effects like pop eyed popper to force a card, cardtoon by Dan harlan to reveal an any card named, the invisible deck as an "out" or the Nick Verna dream deck to read minds?
  14. 1) Tally-Ho Fan backs
    2) Bicycle Rider backs
    3) Studs
    4) Split Spades

    Thats what I think for quality over appearence
  15. I use Tally-Ho's.. if not then i'll use Split-spades or Bicycles

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