Top Card Cover Pass 1-on-1 By Jason England


Feb 9, 2010
Hey guys,

First of all, I just wanted to start off the review by saying, if you need a good technique that can be done slowly and is not as hard as the normal Pass, just buy it.

Quality: This is T11 quality so it is amazing. I have bough other 1-on-1's from theory11 and this download is actually higher in terms of camera quality. And the quality of teaching is absolutely phenomenal with Jason as the teacher.

Teaching:: This is honestly what I enjoyed the most. Jason is a great teacher and goes over every detail that you would need to know. Jason goes over 3 methods of doing the Top Card Cover Pass. The first two are ones that he picked up over the years and the third one is the one that he currently uses right now. The third one is a combination of the two but it is an absolutely amazing technique. In the performance video, he shows a small riffle after the pass and with the way that he does it, it is completely motivated. It is a great move that I am definitely going to be practicing and hopefully using. One great thing about the teaching is that it is very warm. To be honest, just watching all of his preview videos, I thought he would be just like any other teacher and maybe even a bit haughty (I know, I know, I'm an idiot), but he really seems like a really nice guy. Because he is so warm in the way he teaches, it really makes you want to pay attention and learn more. So basically, he is just a great guy!

Jason also goes over the angles and moves the camera accordingly to teach the angles and goes over all of them in-depth. He also goes over a seated version of the pass as it is usually done standing. Lots of great little nuances in this.

Price vs. what you get: Just go buy it. Now. There is so much more to be offered in this one download that it is easily worth 10 dollars. With all the information and the quality of T11, I don't really know why you wouldn't want to buy it.

Overall: Great download, great teacher, and great move that I will be using for a long time.
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