Torn Too - Believe or Angel Zero

Apr 26, 2009
Sydney, Straya
Hey All,

I had a quick question for all those with Torn Too.

Could the routine be done with the card following the end result of Joel Paschall's Believe or dM's Angel Zero?

As both these finish with a torn off corner, I could only hope you could then 'restore' this card using Torn Too's handling, but am unsure.

I have wondered this for a while, and would pick up Torn Too if it were possible.

Cheers for any responses.

May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
Let met just say that You should not restore that card.
If you let them keep it... then its just another card and they might not remember the effect after a while. But if they take out a card with its corner ripped off ten they will always remember what you did.
instead of
"hey yeah. this was from that... magician guy... meh. I dont even know"
it is then
"hey yea. this was that magician guy. he ripped off this corner. this exact corner and made it dissappear and reappear in my pocket"
but in all essence, you could play around to make it adaptable.
Apr 26, 2009
Sydney, Straya
For sure - I had just watched the preview for Torn Too, and owning both Angel Zero and Believe just wondered if it were possible.

Given the right situation, I would think it would be a great transition...
Sep 4, 2009
i do believe that you could then perform, before you perform torn too. However, when i perform believe i like to have them sign the entire card so that when the piece changes, they see their signature. With torn too however, they can't sign the piece you rip off. But with angle zero, ya it is possible, i think. Just keep in mind, you can't use just a regular deck, you would need a certani set up.

All in all, it is possible
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