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  1. You will be hard pressed to find someone who leaves house without their wallet, because of all the info and value inside it. It almost never leaves one's person aswell. Therefore it is the perfect place to store magic. If its always on you, you will never be caught off guard, when asked to perform.

    The great Eugene Burger once stated that he carried approximately 15 minutes worth of material in his wallet. Given, he does not perform all 15 minutes at a time, but it was his belief that you should be prepared at a moments notice. And in his head he knew he could perform at any time for a decent amount of time.

    Rick lax (love him or hate him) said he rotated the tricks he carries in his wallet. here is a video from a while back:

    I understand many people have a real man's wallet or some various trick wallet. I do not. I personally use a mighty wallet it is a fairly inexpensive, and quirky brand which is made from paper and has 2 pockets. One for money and one for receipts. However I use the second one for tricks rather than receipts. I usually like to carry Sankey's mis-made monopoly bills, Tornado by Rick lax and Justin Flom, and I used to take Bill Breaker by @Bizzaro (It is an amazing trick by the way. Perfect for a clerk at a store), but may rotate that out for Slo Mo bill transpo by Eugene Burger.

    Do you guys carry tricks in your wallet? If so, Which ones?
  2. I don’t carry anything in my wallet but I’ve been carrying several coins, including a bent penny, and a deck of cards at all times.
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  3. I have a set up for an ungimmicked card to wallet effect I do.

    I also found a "secret" pocket in my wallet. I have the original 2 card monte gaffs in there
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  4. loops and my magician's insurance
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  5. B'Wave by Max Maven and "Will the Cards Match?" by Martin Gartner (if I am remembering that correctly). B'Wave gets the most usage than any other trick I do.

    I also carry predictions, a lotto ticket for Cipher and a lotto-poker ticket for an unnamed effect, because I haven't named it lol

    All of this in my Real Mans Wallet :p
  6. Nothing. If I do a casual performance, I do purely psychological material.
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  7. Im usually like to carry around a Bill Transpo and the 8 card brain wave, which in my opinion is a great effect to carry around in your wallet, it packs small and gets great reactions
  8. Cipher on my phone is always ready to perform; some business cards for Anything by Ben Williams. I also plan to use Sealed prediction in cellphone case by Emran Riaz taught in his Penguin live lecture.
  9. Extreme burn, greed, or use fire wallet to produce a “charmander” Pokémon card during my “Card to Pokét” routine. :)
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  10. That's a great use of the fire wallet
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  11. haha thanks! Someone always asks if i have charzard (still trying to find a fake one for cheap lol) and I say, "Not in the deck, he is special so I keep him aside in my wallet" and my wallet explodes with fire before i pull it out haha
  12. I always have loops in my wallet
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  13. I tried several tricks to carry in my wallet but the only one that i use all the time is B'wave

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