Triple cut trouble shooting

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  1. Suppy everyone,

    Still plugging my way along with basics and am hitting a snag with triple cut.

    I'm find difficulty in dropping the third packet without it; 1 completely falling off my fingers. 2 spreading - aswell as my bottom packet spreading - to the point where I can't close.

    If it drops clean everything else comes into place , have had a few clean but can't find what I'm doing different. I'm sure like many things it will come along with time but wondering if anyone can share any tips from their days of struggling with triple cuts.

    Thanks !
  2. Which triple cut are you talking about? There are many triple cut variation and most of them originate from kriptonite!
  3. Ah, okay, uhmm a one handed triple cut, I guess it's like Charlier/Revolution based . Sorry I still know so little about this lol.
  4. Most 3ple cuts are like that. Where did you learn it?
  5. I guess that would help you understand alot lol, I'm pretty sure it was a Chris Ramsay video. I'll see if I can find it .
  6. He's probably talking about this one:

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