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    This guide describes how to access the Easter Eggs (hidden video clips) in the three Theory 11 DVDs.

    If you would like to find this out on your own or for any other reason would not like to know how to get to the Easter Eggs, stop reading here.

    So far, all 3 of the Theory 11 DVDs contain Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs, for anyone that didn't know, are hidden features on DVDs. On Theory 11 DVDs, they're separate, extra clips that contain things like additional handlings and alternate explanations. Panic includes additional performance clips and bloopers, Digital Dissolve includes footage of BJ Bueno teaching the effect and Distortion includes Visual Distortion, which is a mix of Wayne Houchin's 'Distortion' and Michael Ammar's 'Visually Yours'.

    There are 2 ways to access the Easter Eggs on the DVDs. The first way, the way T11 intended, involves waiting around at some menu for some period of time. I'm not sure which menu you wait at or for how long, but that is what has been posted by the team. I couldn't figure it out. Oh well. The second way's faster.

    The second way I'm going to describe to you requires a computer, but it's much faster. First, make sure you have a program on your PC to play DVDs. I'll be writing this tutorial for a program called the VLC Media Player, but the method will be similar (if not the same) for whichever player you're using. If you'd like to download the VLC Media Player (it's free) so that you can follow along exactly with this guide, you can get it at its homepage here (it is a VERY small download, and your download won't be worthless - the VLC player is the best media player I know of; it plays literally all video and audio files). Download the VLC player and install it (the installation is very much self explanatory).

    Next, pop your DVD into your computer. You will see this screen (if you don't, go to your Start menu, the My Computer, then right click on the DVD and click 'Autoplay'). Click on the 'Play DVD movie using VideoLan VLC media player' option.


    This will open up the VLC player and, before long; you will be at the main menu of the DVD. Now, simply right click anywhere on the video. This will bring up a list of options in the VLC player. Hover your mouse over the 'Title' option (5th item down from the top) and you will see a list of what are called Titles. They're basically the different video and animation sections on the DVD.

    If you can't find the different Titles like I was talking about above, this image will help.

    Here are a list of what Titles you should click on to get to the Easter Eggs, depending on which DVD you have.

    Panic: Title 6 and Title 7
    Digital Dissolve: Title 4
    Distortion: Title 8

    [Update for Witness]
    Since I am not planning on purchasing the Witness DVD, I will not be able to tell you guys if there is an Easter Egg in Witness. If you would like to find out, you will need to find the Title of the Easter Egg yourself (if it exists). Do this very simply by guessing and checking. Bring up the list of Titles just as described before and click on Title 1. Is it the Easter Egg? If so, great. If not, do the same thing and click on Title 2 this time. If that isn't the Easter Egg title, do it again and click on Title 3. Keep repeating this process until you have found the Easter Egg. If you get to the last title and still have not found the Easter Egg, then there is no Easter Egg on the Witness DVD.

    And there you have it; how to access the T11 Easter Eggs. Note that if the Eggs were just outtakes or something else that's useless to our magic, this guide would not have been written. I write this only because the extras are valuable teaching materials, and if someone watched the DVD and not the Easter Eggs, they would be missing out.

    If you've got any questions about anything written here in this guide, ask away!
  2. Could you attach a spoiler warning for those who want to find them on their own?

  3. The "[Tutorial]" in the title was warning enough for me.
  4. That's why I put [Tutorial] in the title, but you're right - wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone.
  5. There wasn't really anything that spoiled anything there, just how to spoil yourself, lol.
  6. If you open these in Windows Media Player, won't you get the titles to everything on the side of the program?

  7. Very nicely said. If you have Windows Media Player installed you can just click the titles on the left. Much faster than the already fast method in this tutorial.
  8. thx man ill have to check it out when i get mine
  9. The Easter Egg for Witness is title 7 and it is Lee Asher performing Thunderbird.

  10. Is there easter eggs on Dangerous?
  11. I fixed it for you. :D You're welcome.

    Sorry, had to do it. I'm a bit of a grammar/spelling freak.
  12. I have regular windows media player but cant find easter eggs...i click everywhere but nothing :confused:
  13. I cant find the easter eggs either!! How do you open files on windows media player or how do you download that other thing? Please help asap!
  14. Ok this is driving me crazy!!! How do you get the easter egges on Panic and dangerous? I got it on Distortion as it was listed and havent tried Digital dissolve, I reaally need help!
  15. you could look under each title.

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