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    Effect: Twist3 by Michael Paul

    Another ridiculously logical, usable, visual, well routined effect from the guy who actually performs the stuff for real live people… now that’s great magic!
    Michael Paul brings you a new twist on twists, and it’s called Twist3.
    Twist3 may be the cleanest, most direct, and easy twisting effect on the market!
    Available at as a $5 download!

    Routine: The performer starts out with a normal pack and fans through the deck up-jogging any four of a kind. You cleanly show the four of a kind.
    Phase One: You turn over the top card and then count all four cards displaying all four have turned face down
    Phase Two: You count the pack again, displaying the third card has now turned face up. You take that card out and place it to the side.
    Phase Three: You count the three remaining cards displaying one card has turned face up. You place that aside with the first card.
    Phase Four: You are now left with two cards. You take one card and flip it over displaying one card face up and one card face down. You then square up the two remaining cards and immediately spread the two cards showing the final turnover.
    End: You end by dropping the two cards in your hand down to the previously removed cards.
    It is important to remember that all four phases happen without any hold outs, half passes, turn over moves, or adjustments. Click here for a performance by Michael Paul himself.

    Angles: You are completely clean from all angles with the effect. I don’t mean clean because your hands hide something- I mean clean like someone can sit underneath the cards, or look over your shoulder.

    Setup: The setup for this effect will cost you about 4 dollars either at a local magic shop or art supply store. Once setup, you are all set to do this effect.

    Method: The method for this effect is pure genius. The only downside is you must be proficient in the Elmsley count. This was a little tough for me, but it became easier as you practiced.

    Teaching: Once you download the .zip file and un-archive it you will find two files: a PDF and a video file.
    PDF: The PDF is very clear and the graphics are well placed. Michael Paul when writing this added highlighting to the parts he found important. I thought this was a great idea but just under used. Also, while viewing the PDF you will find tiny speech bubbles when clicked on will open a small post-it containing little pieces of information pertaining to further resources. Once again, both of these ideas are very great ideas just underused. The only thing I would suggest for the explanation is adding pictures depicting the situation after you do each count. Also, the Elmsley Count is not detailed here and you are assumed to be able to do it. Whether that is good or bad you can decide. I personally had an initial issue with the first phase but after seeing the video was able to remedy the situation.
    Video: The video included with the file is the same video as the performance but subtitles and slow motion was added. The video is not meant to be the source of learning this effect. It is meant as a byproduct to the pdf.

    Final Thoughts: This is actually my first twisting effect. I feel very spoiled by learning this first. I practiced a hard week before performing this at all. Michael Paul sent this to me for honest review. Incidentally, I was already considering purchasing this effect. My only principle was that I wanted to perfect this effect and have a few performances before writing my review. I will say some will have an easier time than others, as I was not proficient at the Elmsley Count. Although, I started at a disadvantage I was able to make this effect work for me.
    Also, the last phase of this routine is very open for presentational changes. I personally display the two cards (one face up-one face down) and then shake the cards a bit which allows them to see the change occur.
    This is my first review of an effect and hopefully, although long, this review was useful and thorough. At 5 dollars you really can’t go wrong. Additionally, if you have any problems Michael Paul will answer your questions personally and promptly
  2. honestly man, this is jsut another twisting effect, that even seems anti- climatic. there are way to many twisting effects that re impromtu, so why should i take the time to learn this one? not bashing you or the effect, but would i really want to spend five dollars on this effect? five dollars could buy me a burger and a deck of bikes, so why spend it on this effect? just two cents, peace man.
  3. i hear you but this particular twisting effect is very impromptu as you just take four cards and start. You don't need to know any complicated moves or has any suspicious moves.

    I see your point but this is more impromptu than you seem to perceive.
  4. fixed thanks
  5. when i first saw this, i saw it live performed by michael paul and i was blown away, i would definitely spend $5 on this
  6. Actually, I challenge you to find a twisting effect that is as direct as Twist3.

    There are no adjustments, weird displays, half passes, re-arranging between twists, ad on moves etc. Can you still do your twisting routine without all of those things?

    Why would you learn this one? I say don't... leave it for the rest of us!!! Just kidding. Friend, Vernon said, "never stop thinking". Push your magic forward... don't be satisfied. Perhaps you'll be happier with a burger and a deck of bikes.

    It's hard to find a "worker" for five bucks... but it may not be worth it to you if you're already happy with the twist you have.
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    Saw this performed Live by Chris and can honestly say that at the end when all cards we're tossed at the table cleanly i was very shocked.

    Definitely have my recommendation for this effect as it not only is a great trick in itself for laymen but will fool a magician at the end.
  8. Any effect is invisible as long as you practice it enough... for instance kenners twister effect is d o p e, but you have to practice. worth it? i think so. its just as direct and visual, if you practice it enough. How many laymen see even two twisting effects in their lifetime? very few.

    just some more food for thought.
  9. are all cards examinable at the end?
  10. no, there is a very quick and invisible clean up...

    So as far as the audience is concerned, the cards can be examined, but if they grab them directly out of your hand they'll find the method (or part of it).

    If you want a more direct answer (sorry about being vague here on an open forum), you can pm me.

    I hope that helps.


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