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  1. As you guys know I am a big fan of the book test plot and even released my own impromptu method myself! Curious if anyone has Verbatim and if it is a good method to use live. I know they mention that it *can* be performed live but is primarily meant to be done virtually. Can anyone walk through the performance of it (vaguely so not to tip the method please) so I can know what to expect! Thank you!
  2. I purchased it last night. I'll take a look at it later today and return with my thoughts.
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  3. Verbatim is interesting, but I personally think the Zandman book test is a lot better.

    The merits of Verbatim is that it can be done with any book, and it can be performed live just as easily as over zoom.

    Performance: The spectator can grab a book, open it up to a random page(s). You call-off some words from those pages for them to choose from, and then guess the word they selected one letter at a time.
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  4. Thanks so much!
  5. Verbatim is great for virtual performances. However for live, I have to agree with SalomonV and say that the Zandman book test (Gatsby & Sherlock on Theory11) is better. I own Gatsby and I have so much fun with it.

    With Verbatim, the performer goes through the pages of the selected book and finds and suggests a lot of good, big words for them to choose from. There is one method with Gatsby that is similar, but much, much better.

    Instead of the performer picking and suggesting up good words from the pages with Verbatim, for Gatsby or Sherlock, the performer riffles through the book, the spectator says stop whenever they want to, and from that stopped page, the spectator freely selects a word on their own (not the top right corner word).

    With Gatsby & Sherlock, doing this bonus method, the performer never looks inside the book. In fact, the performer can do this one with his or her eyes completely closed the whole time. Because the spectator is freely selecting a word on a page they stopped at, it makes it much more impossible and magical.

    If you already own any of the Zandman books from Theory11, I would stick with those for live. I would only (probably) purchase Verbatim if I was planning to perform a book test virtually.

    Bottom Line: Skip Verbatim. The bonus trick/method from the Zandman books tops Verbatim for in-person performances.

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