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    A Clipshift Weekend


    Nothing new here, just the good ol' trustworthy clipshift used as a colour change.
    It's my favourite change right beside Pughe's Pass.

    Hope this entertains you slightly and hope my technique is good :)

  2. Dang. VERY good technique. It was an awesome video, too! You should submit this to media!
  3. Yup I did :) it's up on the media section. Cooly cool.
  4. I loved the video but what I loved even more is your signature hahahah!
  5. Glad you liked it.

    What is this signature you speak of?
    The ending part?
  6. hate to be the critic here, but you technique was a little odd. There was a lot of finger movement. Ideally there should be very little. I think the problem is that you are moving the card around the deck instead of moving the deck around the card. Moving the deck around the card will cause much less finger movement and it is less noticeable.
  7. Signature...on the forums. This thing...


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